Blade & Soul Frostfire Foundry

Frostfire Foundry

I'll burn you down to your bones!

In the Northern Continent lies an ancient energy known as the power of the Golden Dragon, dwelling within the depths of the earth. Believed to be around since the Realm was first created, it is said to maintain balance and protect the land from corruption. When evil energy like Dark Chi or Chaos enters the land, the Golden Dragon responds with a primal fury. Heat vents spew forth scalding magma, fissures tear open the earth's crust, and volcanoes erupt to paint the sky with hues of crimson and gold.

Amidst this delicate balance, a Phantasmic Pillar, a source of demonic energy eminating from just south of Handan Village, is threatening the balance of the land. And yet, the Golden Dragon has not responded. Something is blocking the purification process, hindering the eruption—an underground base belonging to the Inheritors. Large and complex machinery keeps the lava-ridden field freezing cold. But with the Chaos lingering, it is only a matter of time before the Golden Dragon roars and the ground erupts with lava.

Dahmik, a wise and perceptive herbalist, was the first to sense the impending cataclysm. He rushed to Handan Village, his voice echoing through the streets as he pleaded with the villagers to evacuate their homes. Yet, his pleas fell on deaf ears. The mayor, bound by duty and fear, refused to abandon his town, and the villagers dismissed Dahmik's warnings as the ramblings of a mere herbalist.

The fate of Handan Village hangs in the balance as the Golden Dragon's rage grows impatient. With time running out, the mission to investigate the Inheritors' facility and subdue the volcanic beasts within falls upon you, before Handan Village is utterly decimated by the raw, unchecked wrath of the Golden Dragon.


Difficulty Adjustments

Prior to Release

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Blade & Soul Frostfire Foundry

Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Kungcho Island > Plinth Valley > Secret Inheritor Base
Blade & Soul Frostfire Foundry

Level design

Boss Encounters

Blade & Soul Frostfire Foundry Frost Stomper

Frost Stomper — "Chaos Demon"

A hammer-wielding demon that lights Blue Flames to freeze its enemies in unbreakable ice.

Blade & Soul Frostfire Foundry Enigma

Enigma — "Chaos Demon"

A Chaos Demon that wields a greatsword. Enigma conjures walls of flame and heatwaves to rejuvnate, as well as a lethal Heaven Breach attack to defeat lesser foes.

Erupted from the earth's core, the molten guardian lost its purpose when tainted by chaos's touch. Now a demonic sentinel, it guards the Frostfire Foundry with fiery might.

To break Maggan's shield, you will need to cool down the foundry by manipulating the Power Grid to activate Freeze Devices around the arena. When all Freeze Devices are active at the same time, a powerful chill will cool down the foundry and temporarily subdue Maggan.






Heat Block

Heat Block

Heat Block

Heat Block


Merchant Shop — Gang Sanghae

Wheel of Fate

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7


Trouble in Handan Village

Land of the Golden Dragon

An Apology and Aurite

Frost and Fire


Frostfire Foundry Demolition

Frostfire Foundry Defrost - Stage 1/2/3

Frostfire Foundry Deep Thaw - Stage 1/2/3

Frostfire Foundry Ice Break - Stage 1/2/3

Frostfire Foundry Meltdown - Stage 1/2/3

Activate a Freeze Device