Blade & Soul Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest

I smell... a foolish soul. Who dares set foot in my forest?!

Deep within Plinth Valley's verdant forest resides a Queen, a sacred winged spirit. Her butterfly wings shimmer with scales that shed a protective, healing powder upon the forest creatures. This powder also creates a safe haven for the friends of the forest, deterring ill-intentioned souls from venturing closer with its hallucinogenic properties. A warm smile was ever-present on the Queen's face, and her songs lulled the people to sleep each night.

But tranquility wouldn't last. The ruthless Quarry Crew, a vile group hunting animals and people alike, breached the forest with monstrous beasts and machinery. Their machine arms ripped the Queen from her grove, imprisoning her in a cold, rigid steel box. Her attempts to escape were futile against the unforgiving metal that surrounded her.

In exchange for selling the Queen's Hex Powder, prized for its protective and healing properties, the Quarry Crew surrendered her to the Inheritors. The Queen endured countless days of cruel and agonizing experiments at the hands of her captors. A Lycorin Heart, transplanted within her, twisted her magical abilities, causing her once-healing touch to leech life from surrounding organisms.

Empowered by the Inheritors' cruelty, the Queen destroyed their facility and returned to her beloved forest. However, the forest people no longer recognized her. Their Queen was gone, replaced by a mutated and corrupted beast. The scales on her once-beautiful wings had transformed into sickly bones, and the love she once held for the forest had been twisted into a destructive force.

Smiles were a thing of the past, replaced by a brooding darkness that terrified all who saw her. A cacophony of pained howls followed her path. The forest she once replenished now withered under her touch. The once-golden powder spreading from her wings painted the forest in a sickly twilight, harming the very life it was meant to protect. The people around her collapsed from exhaustion, some dying. Others were twisted into monstrous minions, forced to fight by her side.

Though the people suffer, their Queen shares their torment. The lone survivors from the forest implore you to stop the Queen's rampage and free those under her vengeful rule, and help breathe life back into the withering lungs of the desecrated forest.


Difficulty Adjustments

Prior to Release

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Blade & Soul Twilight Forest

Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Kungcho Island > Plinth Valley > Woodcutter's Cabin

Level design

Use Wall Dash to climb the trees near the entrance, then Glide over the monsters below. You do not have to defeat these monsters to progress further into the dungeon.

Boss Encounters

Blade & Soul Twilight Forest King Stumper

King Stumper — "Corrupted Guardian"

King Stumper, ever loyal to its Queen, summons ticks to shield itself from damage and status effects. Break the shield by inflicting the ticks with stun, daze, or knockdown. But be careful—the ticks recover after some time.

Naraka summons Corrupted Cohorts to fight for her sake, each shielded by a veil. If the Cohorts are not dealt with, Naraka unleases her Devastation, defeating the opposing party. To deal with the Cohorts, match the color of the Cohort's veil with either the Fever, Paralyzing, or Isolation resistance. Then, when Naraka conjures her own Shield, match the color of the Shield and break it by swiftly attacking 100 times—before using a joint technique to interrupt Naraka's final attack.






Special Immunity

Special Immunity

Special Immunity

Special Immunity


Merchant Shop — Gang Sanghae

Wheel of Fate

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7


Noble Intentions

Queries and Quarries

The Vile Truth

Trails of Corruption


Twilight Forest Demolition

Twilight Forest Challenger - Stage 1/2/3

Twilight Forest Master - Stage 1/2/3

Twilight Forest Conqueror - Stage 1/2/3

Twilight Forest Legend - Stage 1/2/3

Block a Venom Orb