Experience raids, the most challenging content in all of Blade & Soul, where 12 warriors come together to put down a foe of extraordinary power.

Identifiable by the Legendary-tier, Raids are instances that the player can only enter once every week. To conquer a raid, the player has to form an Alliance with a total of 12 players. Being in an alliance will also let the player obtain the dropped Legendary loot from the bosses.

Once the first boss has been cleared, the Alliance will receive its own respective ID number. Even if you leave the instance, your raid ID will remain, letting the group come back another day to continue your progress. The lock will also keep you from repeating the same raid instance with another group until it has reset alongside all other Weekly Quests.

After each boss has been defeated, the Alliance Leader can open the dropped chest to see an exclusive loot window. A list of all dropped items will be seen to the left, while a list of the players is shown to the right. Make sure you trust the Alliance Leader when joining a raid group!

Additionally, raids have been categorized into two categories: major ones that require careful planning and strategizing, and light ones that can be joined in what is known as PUGs (pick up group), which you can typically find in the Region chat or Faction chat. This also means that only the major raids can offer particularly grandiose items.

Below this text, you'll find a list of the raids available in Blade & Soul. These have been categorized into each of their respective side story quests.

List of Raids

Twisted Serpent Stronghold

In contrary to many members of the Twisted Serpent, Myung had the empathy and reason to confront the clan elders about what the clan had become: a guild of mercenaries pledging their allegiance to the wrong people. It was said that Myung was exiled for treason and wasn't found since then. In reality, the clan elders had been ordered to kill her. After trapping her in a cave, they doused the cavern with oil, lit a fire, and watched her burn. However, the next day, no body was found.

As a specter of the past, Myung and an army of demons has returned and seeks retribution against the clan's past mistakes. The Twisted Serpent promises to remedy itself, but today, they need your help.

Rise of the Silversteel

With the Silversteel having been driven into the shadows of the mountains in the Silverfrost Mountains, the Talus remains searching vigorously for the remaining members of the mysterious group. After a long wait, the Silversteel’s machines crashed through the ice-riddled mountainsβ€”a machine they call the Steelbreaker, their final and ultimate weapon. With their thirst for revenge having turned as cold as ice, an uncontrollable snowstorm is preparing to sweep all over the Realm.

Temple of Succession

With the Ebondrake conspiracy unearthed and production of the Verity Pills brought to a halt, there still lingers an ominous aura of evil as innocent citizens continue to be transformed into rage-filled horrors, despite all efforts to stop the plague from spreading across the Stratus Empire.

With the Ebondrake Seal protecting the Rubrim Shroud taken down, all are putting in their best effort to confront the Ebondrake, the Dowager, and everyone else responsible for this madness. However, be warned β€” once a royal garden center, the building complex now serves as a research center filled with Ebondrake-grown abominations, innocents twisted by Dark Chi, and unthinkable horrors.

Emperor's Tomb

Nightfall Sanctuary was home to the Light Stealer, the Celestial Emperor. As time went by, his trust in others began to dwindle. To ensure he could not be betrayed, he constructed an army of clockwork guardians to watch over him and his palace. These guardians were powered by the Emperor’s prized possession: the Kuranos Cube.

Upon the Emperor’s passing, his incredible power was hidden in Nightfall Sanctuary surrounded by his trusted automatons. Decades later, Chol Mugo, wielding the Kuranos Cube, awoke Nightfall Sanctuary and its guardians from their eternal slumber. The guardians have whirred back to life, and will protect their new master at all costs.

Fate of the Aransu

Zulia has sought refuge in the ancient Temple of Eluvium, a site once used by the Aransu clan to study the Spirit Realm. The temple is closed to the living. Only the dead are allowed inside. With Zulia having convinced the spirits of the Aransu clan mates and a legion of living statues to attack anything that enters, Zulia flees deeper into the site. On her way, she conjures powerful thralls and resurrects the tortured spirit of Asura, who is now split into twin entities: one forged from fire, the other from ice.

Having already seized the contents of the Irontech Forge, the Iron Army continues to expand through Gunwon City. They're a hostile militia that refuse to negotiate with anyone. Yunma Fei's attempts to find a peaceful resolution have been all but successful and so, she asks for help as not just an Empress, but as a friend.

Given the magnitude of the weapons seized by the Iron Army, it's no surprise they are asking for a fight. The Talus Empire is once more on the precipice of a full-scale war from the Iron Army and their leader, the "Iron Conqueror". Venture inside Scion's Keep and face automatons, mech-suits, and complicated mazes full of traps before finally coming face to face with the leader. Hidden inside a mechanic juggernaut, the mindless Iron Conqueror won't stop his mission until the Southern Continent has been decimated.

Khanda Vihar

Lusung, now lost in a place strangled and broken by the Dark Realm, has descended ever deeper into the shadows of the mysterious island of Khanda Vihar. Once a holy holy sanctuary of the Naryu, Khanda Vihar has since been reduced to rubble by the Ebondrake.

Far from the Shadowless' civilization lies an ancient and sacred Naryu fortress called the Skybreak Spire where, still under the influence of the demonic Raven King, your old friend Lusung awaits you. Lusung paid a great price in his quest for power, an evil that could bring you to the brink of death. He was chosen by none other than one of the Dark Lord's most powerful lieutenants, the Raven King. Together, the two are consolidating their power on the island of Khanda Vihar to destroy everything that is good. Face many powerful guardians within the Spire, until finally coming face-to-face with Lusung, your former clan mate who betrayed the Hongmoon School.

Hurry and find Lusung before it's too late. All of the Realm hangs in balance.