Blade & Soul presents a thrilling and demanding gameplay experience through its challenging Legendary-tier raids. These raids offer players the opportunity to team up with 11 other courageous warriors and face powerful adversaries. To achieve victory, careful coordination, strategic planning, and mastery of the enemy's attack patterns and mechanics are necessary.

Progression & Raid IDs

To start, it's crucial to join an alliance before embarking on a raid. Once a full party of 6 is assembled, if an additional member tries to join or is invited, the option to transform the party into an alliance will be presented, allowing the group to have a total of 12 members. When the first boss is successfully defeated alongside an Alliance, a Raid ID is granted. The Raid ID can be found in the Profile (P) menu. Even if you leave the instance, your progress is saved, enabling you to resume the Raid on another day. However, it's important to note that the instance will remain locked until the next weekly reset, so choosing your allies wisely is crucial.


Being part of an alliance not only increases your chances of success but also grants you the opportunity to acquire the coveted Legendary loot dropped by the bosses. Once a boss is defeated, the Alliance Leader assumes the responsibility of viewing and distributing the loot to alliance members. It's important to place your trust in the leader when joining an Alliance since they hold the key to rewards.

Major Raids & Light Raids

Raids can be divided into major raids and light raids. Major raids require careful planning and strategizing, but offer particularly impressive items. On the other hand, light raids are more casual and can be joined spontaneously with random members, often through recruitment messages shared in the chat. The following raid list exclusively features major raids. Therefore, choose your Raid wisely and prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge!

Current Raids