Experience Raids, the most challenging content in all of Blade & Soul, where 12 warriors come together to put down a foe of extraordinary power. Identifiable by the Legendary-tier, Raids are instances that you can only enter once every week. To conquer a Raid, form an Alliance with a total of 12 players. Being in an alliance will also let you obtain the Legendary loot that drops from the bosses.

Raid IDs

Once the first boss has been cleared, the Alliance will receive an ID, found in your Profile (P). Even if you leave the instance, your raid ID will remain, letting the group come back another day to continue your progress. The lock will also keep you from repeating the same raid instance with another group until it has reset alongside all other Weekly Quests.


After a boss has been defeated, the Alliance Leader can view and distribute the loot to members of the alliance. A list of all dropped items will be seen to the left, while a list of the players is shown to the right. As this power lies with the Alliance Leader, make sure you trust them when joining the alliance.

Major Raids & Light Raids

Unofficially, Raids have been categorized into major raids that require careful planning and strategizing, and light raids that can often be joined on the fly with random members through the Region chat and Faction chat. This also means that only the major raids can offer particularly grandiose items.

Available Raids