Serpent's Den

We are the consequence none shall escape.

In the midst of Chundoon's divination, a terrifying vision unfolded before his eyes. Dark shadows loomed over each of the Eight Masters' clans, withering them from within and destroying them utterly. Chundoon's considerable powers could not reveal the source of this impending doom, but the hauntingly familiar voice he heard sent shivers down his spine. It emanated from a stronghold in the southeast, where the eerie Twisted Serpent clan resided.

Renowned for their deceitful ways, the Twisted Serpent clan had a sordid history of sin and malevolent secrets. Among these dark secrets was the tale of Myung, a woman of uncommon empathy and reason. Myung had dared to confront the clan elders about their sins, their alliances with the wrong people, and the abominations they had committed. For her bravery, she was branded a traitor and executed by the clan elders. They trapped her in a cave, drenched it in oil, set it ablaze, and watched her burn. But when dawn arrived, her body was nowhere to be found.

Myung's vengeful spirit has returned from the grave, transformed into a fearsome demon, to claim retribution for the past wrongs committed against her. The Twisted Serpent clan realized that redemption was the only way to placate her fury, and they promised to make amends. But today, they needed your help.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Twisted Serpent Stronghold

Level design

Boss Encounters

Gwisin — "Vengeance Reaver"

Oknal — "Shadowmancer"

The mere touch of Oknal can bring about the decay of any living thing, and his very presence taints the air with a poisonous haze. Those who are unfortunate enough to survive his toxic aura are left to endure the relentless assault of his venomous words. These insidious utterances insinuate themselves into the psyche of his prey, corroding all sense of optimism and rationality, leaving behind only a seething resentment.

Shadow Fury Myung

Once a fearless and accomplished member of the Twisted Serpent, Myung's loyalty was betrayed by her own clan's elders, nearly costing her life. Before her death, Oknal infused her with Dark Chi, channeling Myung's seething resentment towards the clan and transforming her into a formidable demon. Now united in their burning desire for vengeance, Myung and Oknal scheme to unleash a devastating retribution on the Twisted Serpent for their treacherous actions.


Completion Rewards

Serpent's Den

Twisted Serpent Stronghold

Merchant Shop — Muhwa


Twisted Serpent Stronghold

Twisted Venom (Twisted Serpent S.)

Fury Reborn (Twisted Serpent S.)

Venomous Shadows (Serpent's Den)

Blood and Shadows (Serpent's Den)

The Taste of Poison

Where Dark Meets Light



Building Immunity

Poison Purge


Twisted Sisters

Shadow Slay

Shadow and Fury

Grand Fury

Swifter than Shadows

Faster than Light