Serpent's Den

We are the consequence none shall escape.

  • Alternative titles: Black Moon / Black Snake / 잿빛 흑사문 은거지

During one of Chundoon's divinations, he saw a vision of something dark looming over each of the Eight Masters' clans, destroying them and rotting them from the inside. Although his divinitations couldn't tell who was behind the attack, the voice came from a familiar place—a stronghold in the southeast, home to Unak and her clan the Twisted Serpent. The clan specializes in deception and, unlike other clans, has a long history of sins and dark secrets.

Among these secrets is what happened to Unak's sister, Myung. Contrary to many members of the Twisted Serpent, Myung had the empathy and reason to confront the clan elders about what the clan had become: a guild of mercenaries pledging their allegiance to the wrong people. It was said that Myung was exiled for treason and wasn't found since then. In reality, the clan elders had been ordered to kill her. After trapping her in a cave, they doused the cavern with oil, lit a fire, and watched her burn. However, the next day, no body was found.

As a spectre of the past, Myung has been ressurected as a vengeful demon and seeks retribution against the clan's past mistakes. The Twisted Serpent promises to redeem itself, but today, they need your help.


Boss Encounters

Vengeance Reaver Gwisin

  • Health Points: 18,560,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 03:00

Shadowmancer Oknal

  • Health Points: 107,100,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 12:30

Everything Oknal touches withers away and wherever he goes, a noxious cloud follows. Those who survive his venemous miasma must still live with his voice; his words seep into the minds of his victims, dissolving all hope and reason until all that is left is a callous anger. Among his victims is Myung.

Shadow Fury Myung

  • Health Points: 100,600,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 12:30

Once a proud and skilled member of the Twisted Serpent, Myung was nearly killed by her own clan's elders. Before passing away, Oknal used Dark Chi and Myung's own hatred for the clan to turn her into a powerful demon. Together, they're plotting revenge for the wrongful deeds of the Twisted Serpent.


Completion Rewards

  • Escape Artist

  • Escape Artist Mask

  • Escape Artist Wheel

  • Escape Artist Hair

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield

  • Twisted Serpent Stronghold Mystic Badge Chest

  • Twisted Serpent Stronghold Soul Badge Chest

  • Twisted Wheel

  • Twisted Heart

  • Nocturnal Scale

  • Shadow Fury's Circlet

  • Shadow Fury's Tassel

  • Shadow Fury's Shackles

  • Shadow Fury Amulet Chest

  • Luminous Stellar Ascension Stone Chest

  • Luminous Earthen Ascension Stone Chest

  • Luminous Life Ascension Stone Chest

  • Ethereal Vial

NPC Rewards — Merchant Muhwa

  • 10-Twisted Fury Bundle

  • Special Shadow Fury Amulet Chest (Superior)

  • Special Shadow Fury Amulet Chest (Heroic)

  • Special Shadow Fury Amulet Chest (Legendary)

  • Special Shadow Fury Amulet Chest (Mythical)

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 1

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 2

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 3

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 4

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 5

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 6

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 7

  • Shadow Fury Soul Shield - Chest 8

  • Serpent Critical Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Accuracy Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Block Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Evasion Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Piercing Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Defense Soul Shield Primer

  • Serpent Reflex Soul Shield Primer

  • Escape Artist Cat Outfit Chest

  • Shadow Fury Amulet (x9 Legendary)

  • Shadow Fury Amulet (x9 Mythical)


Twisted Serpent Stronghold

  • Requirement: Chapter 3

Venomous Shadows

  • Money: 91,40g

  • XP: 163,000

  • Reputation: 13,060

Blood and Shadows

  • Money: 116,70g

  • XP: 207,000

  • Reputation: 14,000

The Taste of Poison

  • x1 Oknal's Treasure

Where Dark Meets Light

  • x1 Shadow Fury Myung's Treasure

  • x2 Twisted Fury



  • Defeat Oknal

Building Immunity

  • Defeat Oknal 10 times

Poison Purge

  • Defeat Oknal 50 times


  • Defeat Oknal 100 times

Twisted Sisters

  • Defeat Myung

Shadow Slay

  • Defeat Myung 10 times

Shadow and Fury

  • Defeat Myung 50 times

Grand Fury

  • Defeat Myung 100 times

Swifter than Shadows

  • Defeat Myung within 300 sec.

  • Title: Shadow Runner

Faster than Light

  • Defeat Myung without letting any Light Orbs reach her

  • Title: Shadow Slayer