Chaos Avalanche Den

Cold make Yeti strong!

Nyar-Nyar, exiled and shunned from its Yeti kin, stumbled upon an unlikely savior—a local boy from Handan Village. Moved by compassion, the boy tended to the wounded Nyar-Nyar, and in return, the outcast shared the tale of Tamuta. Tamuta was a foundling, raised by the Yeti in the north, their existence a harmony of two worlds coalescing.

But tranquility turned to tumult when the Inheritors discovered the sanctuary of the Yeti clan. The ensuing clash was a tempest of bloodshed, leaving the Yeti bruised and broken. Forced to flee, they sought solace in the enclaves of a secluded cavern by the Igo Coast.

Life in the cavern was a merciless crucible for the beleaguered Yeti. In a surreal twist of fate, a peculiar girl with a colossal, yellow chainsaw came into their midst, enticing them with an ominous green liquid. The liquid plunged the already revenge-obsessed Tamuta into a maddening abyss, transfiguring him into a wrathful Yeti. Under the girl's dark influence, he reveled in hunting and slaughtering innocent humans like wild beasts.

Then, as the children of Handan Village began to vanish, the entire community was gripped with a sense of unease and despair. And so, the Troupe members devised a plan. They scattered soot and charcoal powder, revealing a trail of sooty footprints that led to the foreboding Igo Coast and an ancient cavern hidden beneath a cliff, once a magnificent temple during the apex of the Uttaran Empire, now cloaked in an eerie, icy pallor.

The Troupe Agents braved the depths of the cavern, but malevolent whispers twisted their minds, and their return was an empty-handed descent into madness. The weight of the rescue mission and the daunting confrontation with the Chaos-riddled Yeti falls upon your shoulders, amidst the unforgiving cold of a bone-chilling blizzard.



Blade & Soul Chaos Avalanche Den Dungeon - Entrance

Outlook of the entrance

Blade & Soul Chaos Avalanche Den Dungeon - World Map Mini Map

Location of the instance

Kungcho Island > Plinth Valley > Igo Coast
Blade & Soul Chaos Avalanche Den Dungeon - World Map Mini Map

Level design

Boss Encounters

Blade & Soul Chaos Avalanche Den Dungeon -  Frosty Warchief Boss

Frosty Warchief; Frosty Warchief

When nestled closely together, the Warchiefs find refuge within the protective embrace of Frost Defense, a formidable cocoon that shields them from harm in the midst of battle.

Ice Yeti — "Chaos Demon"

Within its expansive icy lair, the mighty Ice Yeti possesses the power to absorb both heat and cold. If it saps the warmth around you, hypothermia looms. Seek a heat source quickly to avoid freezing. Conversely, when it absorbs the cold, a cascade of Frost Ripples unfolds, culminating in a devastating Frostquake attack.


Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Gone Boy


Yetis Chainsaw Chaos

Yeti Again

Break the Ice


Break the Ice

Chaos Avalanche Den Expert - Stage 1/2/3

Chaos Avalanche Den Master - Stage 1/2/3

Chaos Avalanche Den Conqueror - Stage 1/2/3

Chaos Avalanche Den Legend - Stage 1/2/3

Melting Snow

Unbreakable Resolve