Scarlet Conservatory

If you defy an Empress, you must pay the price.

Tayhu, the mysterious and captivating Empress Dowager, was shrouded in whispers of celestial origins. Legend had it that she descended from the Divine Realm during the last Heavenly Sacrament to serve the Stratus Emperor and his subjects. Despite the hardships her people endured, she gazed upon them with regal hope, and they eagerly obeyed her every command. After all, she had willingly forsaken her divine privilege to dwell among mortal beings.

One fateful dawn, a seemingly mundane fog veiled the streets of Dasari Palace. Yet, this mist was unlike any ordinary haze; it clung to the air and grew increasingly noxious with each passing hour. As the Dowager secured the palace gates, the mist began to assail her soldiers, entwining their flesh with tendrils of vapor. Some succumbed to fits of sudden violence, unleashing unbridled malice upon their comrades. A young recruit, barely of age, chose to impale himself on his sword rather than endure the choking clutches of the fog. Those who survived found themselves desperately clawing at the palace gates, begging for deliverance, but their pleas went unanswered.

Tayhu's reign caused the Stratus Empire to crumble, and the people rose up against the Ebondrake and all those responsible for the madness that had befallen them. Guided by the clairvoyant Chundoon, they managed to break the Ebondrake Seal that protected Tayhu's fortress. However, they did so at great peril, for what was once a beautiful royal garden had been transformed into a research facility where Ebondrake-grown monstrosities lurked, innocent lives grotesquely twisted by Dark Chi, and unspeakable terrors awaited them.


Difficulty Adjustments

December 15, 2020 Grim Tidings

December 11, 2019 Will of Iron


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Dasari Palace > Temple of Succession

Level design

Boss Encounters

Nokku — "Ebondrake Leader"

The malevolent Ebondrake Leader commands the battlefield with a greatsword of ominous design, its jagged edges glinting with malefic intent. With each strike, it unleashes the power of Dark Chi, unleashing a maelstrom of devastating Dark Voids and Onslaughts upon its foes.

Resurrected Tokan — "Isolated Test Subject"

The Resurrected Tokan unleashes potent defensive spells, fortifying itself against all manner of attacks. But in the desolate realm of Spatial Isolation, its abilities falters, and becomes exposed to the merciless assault of its enemies.

Graft Titan — "Corrupted Stratus Officer"

The Stratus Officer, once a proud and stalwart figure, now bears little resemblance to their former self. Subjugated to torturous experimentation, they were mutated beyond recognition into a ghastly entity known as the "Graft Titan." Pursue and release this wretched soul from the Dowager's clutches, for to persist as her puppet is a fate worse than death.

Doctor Gyojak — "Scarlet Conservatory Chief Researcher"

The Dowager bestowed upon Doctor Gyojak a sumptuous haven to conduct his experiments, replete with a cohort of learned researchers and an endless supply of test subjects. However, the Dowager extracted a solemn promise: that the doctor’s inaugural experiment would be upon himself.


The putrid and ghastly Ablobinations, with their sickly pale flesh and overgrown appendages, unleash a deadly poison upon any foolish enough to venture near. This venomous brew churns in their bellies, waiting to spew forth and inflict unrelenting harm upon its unsuspecting victims.

Scarlet Empress

The Dowager, a commanding and shrewd monarch, views all around her as mere pawns in her grand scheme for domination. She is willing to sacrifice her own people and even offspring to fulfill her thirst for supremacy. Her unquenchable hunger for power has no limits. With a mere flick of her wrist, she conjures poisonous flora to wreak havoc and summons demonic beings to run amok.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Hyuntae


Temple of Succession

The Test Subject

The Dowager's Doctor

End of an Empire

Felling the Titan

The Doctor is Out

Dowager's Downfall


Titan Fell

Fusion Intrusion

Martial Arts and Grafts

Army of Done

Code Scarlet

Trauma Center

Botanical Malpractice

A Beating a Day

End of an Empress

Savage Gardener

Venus Die Trap

Down with the Dowager

The Splice is Right

Clean Sweep

Controlled Burn

Scarlet Fever