Scarlet Conservatory

If you defy an Empress, you must pay the price.

  • Alternative titles: Eternal Temple / ET / 적λͺ½μ˜ 비원

The Empress Dowager had always been shrouded by a cloud of mystery. Rumours would have you believe Tayhu was a celestial being from the Divine Realm who descended during the last Heavenly Sacrament, all to serve the Stratus Emperor and his people. Even as her people lived lives marked by loss and hard labour, they still saw hope in her regal eyes, ready to obey her every order. After all, hadn't she sacrificed her divine privilege to live among mortals?

At dawn, as any other day, a seemingly normal fog hung over the streets of the Dasari Palace. This fog, however, did not burn off by afternoon. It remained, making the air thicker and more foul by the minute. As the Dowager sealed her gates, the first soldier collapsed, with tendrils of the fog tearing his flesh. While some suddenly attacked each other with murder and hatred in their eyes, another soldier, barely a teenager, fell on his sword to spare himself from the devouring fog. Survivors desperately clawed at the gate that the Empress Dowager had sealed, crying for rescue. The gate to the palace never opened.

As the Stratus Empire continued falling apart under Tayhu's watch, all began putting in their best effort to confront the Ebondrake, the Dowager, and everyone else responsible for this madness. With the help of Chundoon, an expert clairvoyant, the Ebondrake Seal protecting Tayhu's fortress was lifted. Nevertheless, even you should tread carefully. Once a royal garden center, the building complex now serves as a research center filled with Ebondrake-grown abominations, innocents twisted by Dark Chi, and unthinkable horrors.


Difficulty Adjustments

December 15, 2020 β€” Grim Tidings

  • Common

    • Reduced average AP and attacks of certain bosses.

  • Nokku

    • Dark Void has been changed from Instant Death to deal damage instead.

  • Graft Titan

    • Desolation, the AoE by the end of the mechanic, has been changed from Instant Death to deal damage instead.

    • Predation, caused by the tank moving too far away from the boss, is now the only mechanic causing the boss to heal.

  • Doctor Gyojak

    • Discharge, the AoE by the end of the mechanic, has been changed from Instant Death to deal damage instead.

  • Scarlet Empress

    • Bloom Fiends will no longer have the Demonic Energy Protection effect.

December 11, 2019 β€” Will of Iron

  • Graft Titan

    • Bewilderment Explosion and Demonic Energy Explosion damage has been reduced.

  • Doctor Gyojak

    • When combat starts, boss displays a social animation for 3 seconds before fighting back.


View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Dasari Palace > Temple of Succession

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters

Ebondrake Leader Nokku

  • Health Points: 2,710,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 5 min.

Similar to Captain Zakhan, the Ebondrake Leader wields a greatsword and uses Dark Chi to cast Dark Voids and Onslaughts.

At certain HP intervals, Nokku will move to the center to cast Dark Void, an attack that first pulls and dazes its opponent before attempting to cast an instant death attack. By several players using their Escape skill, all four condition bars can be filled by Dazes.

Resurrected Tokan

  • Health Points: 342,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x3

  • Enrage Timer: 6 min.

The Resurrected Tokan uses mighty defense incantations, leaving him vulnerable to those in Spatial Isolation.

When engaging Tokan, the boss will receive a status effect boosting its defensive abilities. Defeating Tokan's spawned minions around the arena will open a gate into Spatial Isolation. Enter Spatial Isolation and deal damage from the inside where the boss receives damage as normal.

Graft Titan

  • Health Points: 8,040,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 10 min.

The Stratus Officer who was forced to become a test subject is now hardly recognizable. They twisted his mind and transformed him into a monster. Find the poor officer and put him to restβ€”it’s better to die than to live as the Dowager’s puppet.

Graft Titan spawns Splice Demon at specific HP intervals, causing various status effects depending on the colour of the demon. The green Toxin demon inflicts a poison, the purple Demonic Energy demon spawns explosive flowers, and the red Wilderness demon puts its enemies into a frenzied trance. Defeat all but one demon each phase and use joint techniques for the remaining to keep it at bay. Meanwhile, a selected player will be followed by a deadly Space Crystal needed to absorb the remains of scattered quartz from clearing out the status effects from demons. For example, removing the poison inflicted by the Toxin demon will spawn one quartz. These quartz should be collected by the Space Crystal which, once large enough, is needed to cancel the Graft Titan's deadly Desolation attack.

Doctor Gyojak

  • Health Points: 12,2000,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 12 min.

The Dowager gave Doctor Gyojak his own workspace, a team of researchers, and all the test subjects he wanted. In exchange, she asked for the doctor’s first experiment to be on himself.

Creating toxic spaces all around the arena, selected allies must bring Purification Seeds to the flowers scattered in each of the 8 zones. This will purify the flowers and prevent toxic space from being created in its respective zone. While flowers are being purified, several party members should together conduct an Infection that should be festered on the purified flowers.

Later in the phase, the boss will rush to one flower at a time. As the flowers have been infected, the boss will get several stacks of Parasitism. By the boss absorbing four stacks of Parasitism, a Fusion Reaction will be triggered that deals great damage to the boss and completes the main mechanic.

Finally, Eggs will spawn around the edge of the arena shooting beams to the boss, granting Doctor Gyojak with a Corruption Protection effect to protect the boss from joint techniques. This occurs while the boss starts to cast an instant death attack. By breaking the links made between the Eggs and Doctor Gyojak, the protection will be lifted, allowing the group to cast joint techniques to complete the phase.


  • Health Points: 3,570,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

The Rotting, Pale, and Overgrown Alobinations use Food Poison to inflict continuous damage to anyone who dares get close to these monstrosities.

With two of the three Ablobinations radiating a Food Poison causing DoT, players must be cautious to only be close to the single Ablobination without the Food Poison. At certain HP intervals, the Ablobinations will also move to the center of the arena to randomly switch which boss does not radiate Food Poison.

Note that the tanks will need to be swift to cleanse their Food Poison effects in the midst of the Ablobinations' attacks.

Scarlet Empress

  • Health Points: 15,900,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 12 min.

To the Dowager, everything and everyone is a means to an end: even her own subjects, even children. She’ll fill the sky with poison if it means she can breathe a little easier.

Conjuring seeds, flowers, and demons, the Scarlet Empress has to be carefully managed to not let her plants run wild. From the very first Foster, a vine will spawn seeds on the furthest targets that evolve into ever-more powerful beings when hit by certain attacks of the Scarlet Empress. To manage these, selected players must be injected with demonic powers from the reoccuring Firefalls. Burn the seeds, cut the flowers, and drain the HP of party members to stay alive in order to dish out extreme damage.


Completion Rewards

  • Garden Gala

  • Scarlet Empire

  • Scarlet Empire Hair

  • Scarlet Empire Adornment

  • Scarlet Thorn Illusion Weapon

  • Scarlet Oath Soul Shield

  • Thornbreaker Necklace - Stage 1

  • Thornbreaker Mystic Badge

  • Groundbreaker Mystic Badge

  • Escalation Mystic Badge

  • Scarlet Bloom

  • Scarlet Empress' Stalk

  • Scarlet Empress' Frond

  • Scarlet Empress' Oculus

  • Blood Rose

  • Wonder Ascension Stone Chest

  • Onyx Scale

NPC Rewards β€” Hyuntae

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 1

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 2

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 3

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 4

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 5

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 6

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 7

  • Thornbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 8

  • Temple of Succession Critical Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Accuracy Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Block Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Evasion Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Piercing Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Defense Soul Shield Primer

  • Temple of Succession Reflex Soul Shield Primer

  • Scarlet Thorn llusion Weapon Chest

  • Garden Gala


Temple of Succession

  • Requirement: Chapter 8

The Test Subject

  • Money: 25g 83s

  • XP: 276,000

  • Reputation: 23,200

The Dowager's Doctor

  • Money: 28g 16s

  • XP: 302,000

  • Reputation: 21,900

End of an Empire

  • Money: 35g 26s

  • XP: 376,000

  • Reputation: 21,200

Felling the Titan

  • x1 The Graft Titan's Treasure

The Doctor is Out

  • x1 Doctor Gyojak's Treasure

Dowager's Downfall

  • x1 The Scarlet Empress's Treasure


Titan Fell

  • Defeat the Graft Titan

Fusion Intrusion

  • Defeat the Graft Titan 10 times

Martial Arts and Grafts

  • Defeat the Graft Titan 50 times

Army of Done

  • Defeat the Graft Titan 100 times

Code Scarlet

  • Defeat Doctor Gyojak

Trauma Center

  • Defeat Doctor Gyojak 10 times

Botanical Malpractice

  • Defeat Doctor Gyojak 50 times

A Beating a Day

  • Defeat Doctor Gyojak 100 times

End of an Empress

  • Defeat the Scarlet Empress

Savage Gardener

  • Defeat the Scarlet Empress 10 times

Venus Die Trap

  • Defeat the Scarlet Empress 50 times

Down with the Dowager

  • Defeat the Scarlet Empress 100 times

The Splice is Right

  • Defeat the Graft Titan after it has absorbed all the Splice Demons at once

  • Title: Graft Dodger

Clean Sweep

  • Defeat Doctor Gyojak with no party members stepping into the toxic space

  • Title: Doc Walker

Controlled Burn

  • Burn the Plague Bloom 100 times while fighting the Scarlet Empress in the Scarlet Conservatory

  • Title: Firefly

Scarlet Fever

  • Complete the following Scarlet Conservatory achievements:

    • The Splice is Right

    • Clean Sweep

    • Controlled Burn