Nightfall Sanctuary

Feel the wrath of the Naryu!

In a bygone era, the Nightfall Sanctuary loomed as a towering edifice, a testament to the tyrannical reign of Naksha Kura, the Celestial Emperor. His dominion was unchallenged, and his trust in others waned as he grew wary of those who coveted his throne. To shield himself from treachery, Naksha Kura made a sinister pact, sacrificing his people to the depths of the Dark Realm in exchange for the Kuranos Cube. This artifact, which granted him unparalleled power, exacted a grave toll on his soul, consuming it with each passing day. Constructed using the essence of the cube, an army of automatons arose, crafted with the ingenuity of the Naryu civilization. These clockwork sentinels, fueled by the darkness of Naksha Kura's sacrifice, possessed unwavering loyalty and struck terror into the hearts of all who encountered them.

Following the Emperor's demise, the Nightfall Sanctuary fell into a state of suspended animation, and the clockwork guardians froze, anticipating a new master. To safeguard the cube from falling into the wrong hands, it was entrusted to the guardianship of the Talus Empire. However, decades later, a bitter feud arose between the Blackram Leader Chol Mugo and the Stratus Empress Tayhu, threatening the delicate balance of peace. Consumed by wrath, Chol Mugo yearned for the ancient power concealed within the sanctuary. He and his forces infiltrated the Talus, breached Zaiwei's innermost archives, and successfully absconded with the Kuranos Cube.

With the cube in his possession, Chol Mugo embarked on his journey into the Emperor's Tomb. Concentrating the essence of the cube, the fabled tomb yielded, its mighty fortifications quaked and quivered. With a thunderous crack, radiant beams pierced the labyrinthine recesses, shattering the eons-long reign of darkness. A colossal radiance erupted from the apex of the Nightfall Sanctuary, illuminating the celestial expanse above. The clockwork guardians, roused from their eternal slumber, sprung back to life, their luminescent eyes ablaze with a fervent brilliance, poised to protect their newfound master at any cost.


Difficulty Adjustments

June 22, 2020 Divine Break

December 11, 2019 Will of Iron

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

December 5, 2018 Theater of Mystery

September 12, 2018 Warden's Fury

July 25, 2018 False Idols

June 20, 2018 Celestial Dawn


View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Solak > Emperor's Tomb

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters

Gangshi; Tongshi — "Nightfall Gatekeeper"

Gangshi and Tongshi, surrounded by dangerous Protection Beams, are the first gatekeepers of the Nightfall Sanctuary.

The Peacekeeper — "Nightfall Guardian"

With a haunting grace, the Peacekeeper unleashes its Soul Shackle, spawning ethereal Binding Barriers that warp the fabric of time itself. This formidable automaton is a master of both defense and destruction, wielding its powers with lethal precision and unflinching resolve. Its otherworldly abilities are a marvel to behold, as they rend the very essence of reality asunder.

The Shield Bearer — "Emperor's Bodyguard"

The Shield Bearer looms over all with an air of invincibility. With joints forged from the toughest metals and sinews of pulsing energy, this mechanical behemoth yields to no one. It stands as the zenith of technological progress, a symbol of the ingenuity and power of its creators.

The Scorptamaton — "Emperor's Warrior"

This scorpion exudes the ruthless lethality of its living counterpart with its razor-sharp pincers, scorching flames, and venomous stinger poised to strike. Its form is a terrifying masterpiece of engineering, designed to halt intruders in their tracks and guard Chol Mugo with unrelenting ferocity. Beware, for those who dare to cross its path will face a trial by fire.

Grand Celestial Emperor

The Grand Celestial Emperor, a towering and formidable figure crafted from the most advanced Naryu technology, harnesses the raw power of tectonic energy using Admiral Chol Mugo as its vessel. The Emperor's insatiable thirst for immortality is fueled by the lingering chi of a thousand sacrificial souls, each one adding to his boundless might. Beware the Light Stealer, for it is a being of unimaginable power and malevolence.


Completion Rewards

NPC Rewards Hee Gisang


The Emperor's Tomb

Clockwork Guardians

The Big Sting

Echoes of an Emperor

Keeper of the Peace

Bearer of the Shield

Lord of the Sting

Stealer of the Light


Peace of Cake

Keeping the Peace 

Keeper Sweeper 

War on Peace

Westward Blow

Bearing the Brunt

Shield Terror

Too Much to Bear

Taking the Sting out of the Sanctuary


The Big Sting


Bury Him at Sea

X Marks the Fought

Mugone Fishin'

Fallen Emperor

Emperor's Execution