Koldrak's Lair

No! I won't return... to the darkness!

From the depths of the primordial flame, Koldrak, a sacred beast of immense power, emerged into the world. As the Earthen Realm was gradually consumed by the encroaching darkness of Dark Chi, Koldrak sought refuge in the heart of a volcanic cavern, seeking solace amidst the churning earth and scalding heat. Yet, even within this sanctuary, the insidious power of the Dark Chi could not be fully evaded. It seeped into Koldrak's very essence, corrupting his once noble spirit.

As the Dark Chi twisted Koldrak's nature, a gnawing loneliness and a burning rage began to consume him. The echoes of his once-harmonious existence faded, replaced by a deafening silence. The Eight Masters, guardians of the realm, recognized the danger Koldrak posed, for in his corrupted state, he threatened to unleash chaos upon the world. They knew they could not defeat him in a direct confrontation, but they also understood that his destructive potential could not be allowed to run rampant.

With wisdom and courage, the Eight Masters devised a plan that would temporarily contain Koldrak's fury. They crafted a mystical seal, imbued with the power to encase the corrupted beast in an eternal prison of ice. The seal was cast, and Koldrak was plunged into a realm of perpetual winter, his rage temporarily silenced.

However, the primordial flame that burned within Koldrak's heart was not so easily extinguished. Centuries passed, and the ice that bound the beast began to thaw. As the shackles of ice melted away, Koldrak's fury reawakened, coursing through his veins like a raging torrent. With a roar that shook the very foundations of the Earthen Realm, Koldrak emerged from his icy prison, his eyes burning with a malevolent intensity. The dragon was finally free, but the world was not safe.



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Koldrak's Lair can only be entered through ESC > Epic Challenge.

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A reawakened, ancient beast.


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Note that the Completion Rewards may not be complete, as the officially provided loot table is not up-to-date.

Merchant Shop Junsorei


Rise of the Dragon

The Dragon's Lair

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