Soul Badge

Soul Badge is an item that a player can equip in order to enhance the functionality of their skills. Typically, these items offer either additional damage or some sort of cooldown reduction to skills, often resulting in a much smoother class rotation.

After acquiring a Soul Badge, you can head into the Evolve tab in the Manage Equipment window to see what upgrade alternatives you have. Your first step will be to fuse your Soul Badge with another Soul Badge, resulting in a Legendary-grade itemone item with the effects of two Soul Badges. The primary cost of fusing two Soul Badges is the Divine Grace Stone item obtained from defeating the Iron Conqueror of Scion's Keep.

Unsure of what Soul Badge alternatives you have to choose from? As the Soul Badge items are class-specific, please head over to your class page and read the Recommended Soul Badges section. You should also join the Academy Discord Server to make sure you're picking the correct item. You can also speak to the Tower Trader in Mushin's Tower for the Soul Badges acquired from the Tower of Infinity as well as the Celestial Peach Exchanger in Celestial Basin.

It's also important to note that you are able to switch your fused Soul Badge. Once your Soul Badge has been fused, open the Evolve tab once more to see what alternatives you have.

Because of that, you can for example switch a Paragon Soul Badge to an Exhilaration Soul Badge, however you can not switch a Paragon Soul Badge to an Undying Soul Badge. This also works vice-versa. The Undying Soul Badge can not be switched to the Exhilaration one.

Below, by clicking on your class, you'll be redirected to see a list of each available Soul Badge item for your class.



Blade Dancer

Blade Master


Force Master


Kung Fu Master

Soul Fighter




Zen Archer