Dungeons in Blade & Soul allow players to group up for challenging instanced content. From normal questing, daily challenges, or a desire to obtain rare treasures, you’ll regularly be sent in to defeat a dungeon’s denizens. Each dungeon is categorized into two different difficulties: Easy Mode and Hard Mode. These designations indicate how well prepared you and your group should be before entering.

Easy Mode dungeons offer a straightforward challenge for any group and include the ability for particularly well-prepared and confident players the difficult possibility of soloing it. While it’s possible to complete an Easy Mode dungeon with fewer than all 6 players, a Hard Mode dungeon will almost always demand a full party to succeed. The Hard Mode versions are a separate and more difficult mode that can only be accessed by setting your party to the Hard Mode option (as opposed to Easy Mode). In Hard Mode, the bosses do more damage, have more health, and have large consequences for failing the mechanics. Hard Mode dungeons offer vastly increased chances at obtaining rare items for the vastly increased difficulty, and also contain some items that can’t be obtained at all from Easy Mode.

To find other players to tackle dungeons, you can jump into the Cross-Server Dungeon system [F8]. Joining the Cross-Server Dungeon finder takes you into a new lobby where your character is shown among your other party members. You can join with any number of other people, or alone, and use it to fill out any remaining slots. You select what content you’re looking to tackle—either Easy Mode or Hard Mode, and what specific dungeon—and then the game will automatically find other players within your region that are also looking and meet your criteria.

List of Dungeons