The history of the Earthen Realm is a long and varied one. So much has been lost as empires rose and fell through the ages; tyrants sought to shape history to their own design, and entire generations have vanished in the wake of great tragedies. Even what does still remain, gathered in so many scrolls and tomes pieced together from across the continents, tell uncertain stories with much still left to question.

Following the growth of the protagonist in an oriental world of martial arts, Blade & Soul’s unique storytelling and character setup set the game apart from all other MMORPGs. The story is built around characters with clearly defined individual characteristics like the wicked and charming Jinsoyun, eternal Master Hong, and kind-hearted Hajoon using intricately built cut scenes and quests for greater immersion.

Paradise Lost: Prologue

You’re in Heaven's Reach, a dedicated martial arts training island run by Master Hong Sokyun, one of the legendary Four Guardians. You can’t believe you’re here--it's a dream come true. Today is the day you start your inaugural training session and the day when you get your very own Martial Tome.

However, today is also a day of darkness, where a battle between a martial arts master and an agent of the Dark Lord, Jinsoyun, takes place. You witness Jinsoyun's eyes burn with hatred and resentment as she destroys everything in her path to get what she came for, and Master Hong’s desperate attempt to protect his students. Both are prepared for a battle to the death.

Into the Woods: Act I

You remember being cast off the cliffs of Heaven’s Reach and dragged ashore to Bamboo Village by who you now know was a former apprentice of the Hongmoon School, Dochun. Your training starts now. You go on to fight off the treacherous Blackram Marauders, protect the citizens from the Dusk Adder bandits, and uncover the truth behind Namsoyoo: an adopted child from a royal family.

A Fistful of Sand: Act II

Forced to serve the corrupt Stratus Colonel Yonkai, you're sent on a mission to find the legendary Mushin's Legacy; a mysterious item with enough power to battle the Dark Lord himself. After countless attempts, you finally get your hands on the Golden and Silver Crest to ride the Wings of Mushin to a hidden, dilapited temple where Mushin's Legacy awaits. It's up to you to decide: will you save the life of Mushin's innocent heir, or use the power to get revenge on Jinsoyun?

The Beast Within: Act III

Jinsoyun's curse, the Mark of the Black Rose, is still poisoning your body. After meeting with the last known living member of the Four Guardians, Iksanun the Realmwalker, the two of you embark on a journey to meet with the legendary Sacred Beasts of the Moonwater Plains; creatures that once upon a time helped the Four Guardians drive back the demonic forces of the Realm. As your Chi deteriorates by the Mark of the Black Rose, you and Iksanun must travel quickly to purge the Dark Chi before it's too late!

The Cost of Revenge: Act IV

Having succumbed to the darkness inside and with a new teacher by your side, Mushin the Divine Fist, your journey continues in the Silverfrost Mountains.

The final battle is coming. A fiery eclipse was beaming overhead as the Divine Mandate Ritual was opening in the grand city of Zaiwei. Walls shattered, fiends swooped upon civilians, and the very soldiers sent to protect the city rose against it as soulless monsters.

Decide your path: will you stop the Divine Mandate Ritual and follow the Way of the Hongmoon, or seek revenge for the murder of your school?

A Conspiracy Begins: Interlude

With Jinsoyun and Yura out of the picture and Gubong having mysteriously vanished, the Ebondrake is already searching for the next advocate to bring the Dark Lord into the Earthen Realm.

A Lost Generation: Act V

Innocent children mysteriously disappearing, the Eight Masters joining the search for Jinsoyun, and the long-defunct Ebondrake Cult arising in the wake of the Dark Lord's failed invasion. Can you stop them while mentoring the next generation of Hongmoon students?

Shadows of the Ebondrake: Act VI

As the Ebondrake and the Eight Masters continue their chase for you, strange Black Pillars fall from the sky, intoxicating all who come close with Dark Chi. Find the source and save those suffering before going face to face with Zulia, a servant of the Dark Lord. Together with Zulia, the Ebondrake is collecting the shards of the broken Twilight's Edge for nefarious purposes.

Shattered Empire: Act VII

With two of your students gone missing, the responsibility falls on you to hunt down and find them with the help of some new allies: Chol Mugo, Admiral of the Blackram South Fleet, and Ku Yang, the new Blade Master representative. Set course for Gunwon City and find your missing apprentice before Zulia finishes her preparations for a Dark Arts ritual inside Dasari Palace's East Gate using the Twilight Edge shard that resides in Jinsoyun's body.

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The Lost Continent: Act VIII

In Zulia's mad hunger for power, she doomed little Jinsoyun to a life in the In-Between, where souls are trapped between the two Realms, either by ancient incantation or by unresolved emotions in life. The creatures of the In-Between are neither living nor dead--instead, their wayward souls can sometimes wander for centuries, their minds frayed and their memories faded.

To save your new apprentice, your last hope is to venture into the region of Solak, the Land of Twilight, where the veil hangs thin between the Realms and where powerful warriors and wise clairvoyants can enter the In-Between. While unsure if traveling to such a wasteland was a fool's errand or a suicide mission, the risks did not matter. Take to the sky with the Blackram Pirates, clinging to the slimmest of hopes to save Jinsoyun from a dark fate.

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Cruel Reunion: Act IX

After Jyonna's efforts to create a rift to the In-Between, Soyun's soul was finally reunited with her body, away from the dark abyss of the In-Between. Instead, a new worry clouded the future. Jewel of the Talus Dominion, Empress Yunma Fei, received an letter and an invitation to visit Dasari Palace from none other than Stratus Dowager Tayhu. The Dowager had always been a figure clouded by mystery. Some believed she was a celestial being sent from the Divine Realm, that she had descended into the Earthen Realm centuries ago to serve the Stratus Emperor and his people. Strangely, the lost Hongmoon Apprentice Ryu is now also at the Dowager's side with seemingly no memory of his friends.

Once inside the Dasari Palace, you realize that every choice you made has played into the hands of Mushin. With your students at the brink of death and with the Twilight's Edge pointed at the true heir of the Stratus throne, you uncover the sinister plot that threatens to put the entire Realm at war, just like the the Divine Fist had wanted.

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The Gathering Dark: Act X

To understand the future, you must first experience the past. Continue your journey to the Empyrean Citadel, meeting new allies and facing familiar foes. As Mushin's power grows, the time is near to determine if a reawakened power is the key to stopping him.

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Balance of Power: Act XI

The balance of life has been distorted. Mushin’s presence within the Divine Realm has brought with it terrible chaos. Travel into the depths of the Divine Realm and put a stop to the madness once and for all.

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