The world of Blade & Soul is continuously growing. See the world inspired by the distinct visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim as you travel the land.

Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is home to the Dark Lord and his demons and the source of Dark Chi. The Dark Realm is separated from the Earthen Realm, only accessible through the formation of a Dark Gate. Thousands of years before, the Naryu Empire's excessive Soulstone mining inadvertently created a bridge to the Dark Realm, causing the first influx of demonic energy into the Earthen Realm. Since then, the Four Guardians and the Sacred Beasts of the Moonwater Plains have been fighting the darkness from returning.

The exact nature of the Dark Realm is shrouded in mystery but it is very clear that should the Earthen Realm be subject to its effects, the world would descend into chaos. Cults like the Ebondrake actively seek out Dark Chi; sometimes to continue a blind pursuit of power, and sometimes to open a Dark Gate to let the Dark Realm's ruler finally conquer the Earthen Realm.

Divine Realm

Beyond the Earthen Realm rests the unseen Divine Realm, where the pure-hearted spirits and enlightened beings watch over the world. Their chi is pristine and mighty, bearing a power that echoes through the ages. The royal family of the Stratus Empire gained the blessings of the Divine beings in ancient times and thus all its descendants bear a hint of that Divine Chi within them, passing from generation to generation.

It is not a power that is easily gained though. Few mortal beings ever bear the Divine Realm’s energy within them and even fewer master it. But those who do become enlightened enough to embrace Divine Chi stand ready to face the darkness without fear, for the wicked forces of the Dark Realm burn like kindling in the face of such radiance.

As Dark Chi seeped in from the baleful Dark Realm, poisoning the world and unleashing demons upon the populace, the Divine Realm gave a call to arms. Of all the beings in the Earthen Realm, four powerful martial artists were chosen to fight against the darkness. Mushin: the Divine Fist and the heir to the Naryu bloodline. Jiwan: the Righteous Blade. Iksanun: the Realmwalker. Hong Sokgyun, the eldest of the Four Guardians and so mighty his power earned him the title Earthbreaker. It is said that the divine spirits granted these Four Guardians a weapon of immeasurable power and unknown origins: the Twilight’s Edge. It is said the weapon would change its form to suit whoever wielded it and could drive back the darkness. Armed with the Twilight’s Edge and empowered by the mystical blessings of the Divine Realm, the Four Guardians met the demons in glorious battle.

Getting to the Divine Realm is not an easy task, and once you're there, the hardships continue. The Realm is free from rules and can be especially disorienting for newcomers. Unlike the Earthen Realm, time doesn't move one way and places never stay in the same location. At the same time, the Divine Realm is also a place of abundance and peace; there is no hunter, no prey, no factions or enmity that divides the people. All creatures can live together in harmony and an everlasting peace.

Savan Village

Savan Village, just like other locations of the Divine Realm, is a place of wonder. Explore the sceneries of Cloud Drift Creek and Songrise Peak, or venture into the orchards of the Halcyon Hills, home to the Divine Peach. In the north, you can also find the Lake of Reflection: a conduit that carries those who step on its waters wherever they need to go, even to the most sacred of places. It's said that in its still waters, you will see yourself and the path to your destiny.

Earthen Realm

The Earthen Realm is a place of wonder, teeming with the beauty of the natural world and a wide variety of inhabitants. Mortals live side by side with beasts, spirits, and inexplicable creatures born of the mystical energies of the world. Of course, for every gorgeous sunset beyond lush forests, there are also dangerous mires where hidden threats lurk patiently for the unwary. Only the unwise would dare wander the lands content in their ignorance of the world and its potential threats.

Viridian Coast

The Southern Continent is home to some of the most lovely and abundant regions in the world. There is little that can compare to the serene Viridian Coast. From the sandy beaches outside of picturesque Bamboo Village, to the eerie depths of the Gloomdross Forest where phantoms play, to the towering coastal cliffs of Songshu Isle.

The Viridian Coast lives up to its name with its lush green plains, cool bamboo forests, and valleys where fragments of the earth float into the sky to dizzying heights. It is home to Jadestone Village, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region, and the prestigious Hongmoon School tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. But for all its peaceful beauty, there’s always the looming threat of the devious Blackram Marauders waiting to strike at the unsuspecting coastal towns, or the restless spirits haunting the Gloomdross Forest.

The Cinderlands

The Southern Continent’s mainland was once the proud heart of civilization, where the mighty Naryu Empire stood uncontested for centuries. The Naryu Empire became a battleground to hold back the invading demons from the Dark Realm, and was blighted during the Four Guardian’s fight against the great corrupted energy. Deep forests and surging rivers dried up, leaving a vast wasteland where only the strong and stubborn can possibly survive. Yet in every endless desert there always lies an oasis. Yehara’s Mirage is the hub of all activity in the region, welcoming travelers in from near and far to experience a bit of luxury amid desolation with its fine dining and strong drinks.

Away from the Scorching Sands, the bestial Jaofang Village rests safe in its valley, while not far beyond is the Blindeye Bazaar where shady dealings of a less savory crowd operate outside the law. There are even rumors of the tomb of Mushin himself buried somewhere amid the ruins of the Naryu Empire, where a treasure beyond all imagination waits to be claimed. That is, if daring adventurers could first survive the vicious Bonemask Tribe warriors, the giant scorpions, and the bands of tomb raiders along the way.

Moonwater Plains

After surviving the desolate heat of the Cinderlands, a bit of water is a relief! Upon the Eastern Continent, The Moonwater Plains has a surplus of mighty rivers, crashing waterfalls, and vast lakes as clear as a cloudless sky. The sprawling Lycandi Foothills are home to the native people of the region who live side-by-side with the Lyn of Brightstone Village and the farming community of Hogshead Pastures. The glorious Sapphire Basin is home to many curious species such as the frog-like Ploggles and the brutish Hoglin.

But a shadow always lurks nearby: The Haunted Necropolis, stained by corrupted energy some 30 years past, is where a demonic outbreak is endlessly held back by the brave Snapjaw Tribe. As the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire, one must always be wary of the outbreak of violence where the Talus Army clashes with the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance.

Silverfrost Mountains

Further north on the Eastern Continent are the Skypetal Plains: gorgeous fields of swaying grass and fragrant wildflowers caressed by the ocean winds. It is home to Zaiwei, capital city of the Talus Dominion, standing as a beacon of wealth and power among nature’s bounty. But it is a city endlessly challenged by the thieving Lumang Syndicate, the corrupt Hao Society, and a bevy of powerful monsters who call Skypetal Plains their home.

Beyond the city awaits frozen mountains full of treacherous heights, blistering snowstorms, and ancient temples of long-slumbering gods waiting to awaken once more. But for all the mystery and intrigue the region has to offer, it is the grand capital city itself that holds the darkest secrets.

Gunwon City

Secluded from the outside since the closing of the gates to the Cinderlands, Gunwon City is considered to be amongst the oldest cities in the Earthen Realm, dating back as far as the golden age of the Empire. The city hosts a number of locations, from the harbor of Faircloud and the fields of the Dasari Palace Gardens to the poor district of Gebang and the Forgotten Forest hiding legendary artifacts.

Far from the main districts of Gunwon City, located in the southeast, you'll find the Celestial Basin. Filled of monsters to discover and treasures to be found, the Celestial Basin is the remains of all that was left from the ruins of ancient Naryu civilizations. Believed to be a sacred place, the people regularly performed strange rituals to appease the ancient gods.

Dasari Palace

Said to be the most beautiful city in the Realm, Dasari Palace is the home to the splintering Stratus Empire. The palace hosts travelers from all over the world, offering goods and services for every taste imaginable. Head to the Fortune Harbor to meet hundreds of merchants, adventurers, and warriors wanting to meet the Stratus Guards guarding the Sweetwater Bridge.

After the city was lost from the opening of a Dark Gate, the Empre was weakened and disorganized. Defectectors rose within the ranks of the Stratus, including one of its mightiest generals, Yunma Kahn, who formed the Talus Dominion. The two kingdoms remain fast enemies, even as both are fraught with civil unrest and corruption, fighting each other to the bitter end in an ill-fated hunger for power and control.

Despite the Empire's breathtaking capital, appearances can often be deceptive. With the dealings of the Ebondrake Cult together with Dowager Tayhu and her new Imperator, a dark secret is brewing behind the luscious city's walls.


Solak, also called the Land of Twilight, is where the veil hangs thin between the Realms and where the In-Between might be glimpsed or even accessed by the most powerful of martial artists. Rumored to be a mere fairy tale, in reality, Solak is a Dark Chi death trap. Some places, like the Hantu Scrubland or the Zasteri Badlands, are corrupted by Dark Chi to their very core.

Unbeknown to outsiders, tribes around Solak have managed to keep the Dark Chi at bay. Skilled monks of the Ajanara Monastery created Chi-infused barriers to keep their homeplace protected, while the Yun's affinity for the natural world kept their remote home of Valindria safe. There is also the magical island of Moon Refuge in the Southeast, home to the Sacred Longgui, found off the coast of Solak with never seen before wild creatures suffering from the Banestone infection. Meanwhile, found in the Northwest lies the poisonous Empyrean Citadel. Having been corrupted by Dark Chi, the dead have risen to seek salvation for the deeds of former Prince Sobu.

Whether it's Chi or Dark Chi, the secluded Solak has grand vistas, dark forests, and venerable towns. Anyone with the luck to experience the wonders of Solak will no doubt consider it one of the most magical places in the Realm.