Set in an fantastical Ancient Eastern world, Blade & Soul tells a story of loyalty, morality, revenge and redemption. With tales from all over the Realms, a grand epic story with over 250 Chapters are waiting to be experienced.

The world of Blade & Soul is continuously growing. See the world inspired by the distinct visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim as you travel the land.

As you live through your own story, the world of Blade & Soul will both reveal its history and present its legacy. From defending villages against treasure-seeking pirates to facing lieutenants of the Dark Realm, the responsibility falls on you to keep the Earthen Realm safe from unholy terrors.

Chi is the life force of all creation. It is an unending force that flows through all reality, connecting the realms and all living beings in its breadth. Like water, chi will gather in great swirling eddies or burst from the earth like a geyser. Like blood, chi exists within all living creatures and is vital to their survival.