Mushin's Tower

In far-flung ages when the Naryu Empire stood supreme over the world, its greatest sages constructed a looming tower so tall it touched the heavens. Its sole purpose: to train Mushin, the heir to the Naryu Empire’s royal line. Only through rigorous training against as wide a variety of threats as possible could Mushin truly become a god among men, surpassing all with his astounding martial prowess. Warriors from around the world flocked to Mushin’s Tower in hopes of facing its challenges and earning to right to duel Mushin himself in glorious single combat.

The tower was sealed away after Mushin’s demise, but with the world in peril because of Jinsoyun’s machinations, it has once more opened its grand doors. Martial artists from all walks have eagerly hurried to challenge the tower, overcome its dangers, and prove themselves equal to the legendary Mushin himself.

Floors of Mushin's Tower

There are three different Floors inside Mushin's Tower. Please click on the Floor of your choosing for further details.

Special dangers await those mighty enough to make the climb, like the devious Pale Stalker Jiangshi, the Silver Deva, fellow martial artists from the realms’ most prominent clans, and even the mightiest swordsman of all: Junghado!

Mushin's Tower: 9F - 15F

Continue your climb and face challengers such as the the cursed Mifu, the mighty Dokkaebi King, and Grandmaster Naksun.

Mushin's Tower: 16F - 20F

Reach the upper floors to fight powerful opponents such as the Searstrike Sisters, the Kismet clan experts, and an enlightened Yunsang.