Legal Documentation

The fansite Hongmoon Archives:

  • is used in a non-commercial context for personal use only. It is not managed, governed, or operated by a company.

  • includes a footer on every available page containing all included copyright and other notices associated as stated by NCSOFT.

  • will never be presented as officially sanctioned or professionally associated with NCSOFT nor any other company.

  • will never present hacks or cheats, pornography, inflammatory content, unlawful content, or unjectionable content as determined by NCSOFT.

  • will never be presented as an official NCSOFT site.

  • will never make add-ons for any NCSOFT games.

  • will never distribute media containing content from NCSOFT.

  • will never resell, give away, or trade any account related to NCSOFT and their respective games.

  • will never create and/or distribute hack and cheats for any NCSOFT game.

  • will never have any of the presented content have its ownership transferred to me from NCSOFT nor anyone else

Hongmoon Archives fully agrees that any violation of the provided guidelines included in NCSOFT's Legal Documentation for Content Terms of Use, or for any other reason, is reason to remove the site. Breaking any of the guidelines set by NCSOFT, or for any other reason as determined by NCSOFT, is accepted as reason for removal of the site and/or content from NCSOFT.

Hongmoon Archives will operate in good faith and never seek to monetize any content owned by NCSOFT or any other company outside of maintenance donations. NCSOFT has received several contact options to the owner of Hongmoon Archives and any one of those can be used to request the site to be removed or any of the presented content to be altered according to the provided guidelines.