Soul Shields

Martial artists increase their offensive and defensive capabilities by equipping a Soul Shield β€” a medallion of immense power.

A Soul Shield is made up of eight individual pieces, each angled in a specific direction around it. Every piece is a part of a set, and additional bonuses can be gained by using 3, 5, or all 8 pieces of a set. That also allows 3 and 5 piece choices of different sets to be mixed and matched.

The most powerful and versatile martial artists seek out Soul Shield pieces and attempt to complete each of the sets in their entirety. It should also be stated that, while attacking without any clothing on can be an imposing sight for your enemy, it’s required that you be clothed for your Soul Shield to be active.

Stats, Set Effects & Acquisition

Soul Shields are typically obtained by defeating certain bosses in Legendary instances. You can also purchase Soul Shields from Elusive Merchants, typically stationed close to each Raid's entrance, and from the Dragon Express if you have a Premium Membership.

To find Soul Shield stats and set effects, visit BnS YAST.

Reinforcement Sacrifice

After unsealing a Soul Shield piece, you'll find that while HP is a guaranteed stat, the two other attributes are randomly provided. In addition, how much you get of each attribute is random. It's often needed to obtain several Soul Shields of the same slot to get the best possible variant. The best Soul Shield attribute combinations are most often considered to be Critical and Accuracy. However, whereas slot 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 can provide both Critical and Accuracy, the other slots (1, 3, and 7) only provide one or the other.

Once you have the attributes of your choice, you'll want to reach the maximum stats of each attribute. To do so, you can use the Reinforcement Sacrifice feature. Found in the Manage Equipment UI, Reinforcement Sacrifice will consume a Soul Shield of the same type and slot number to increase the stats. Note that the attributes themselves need to match in order for the attribute's stats to increase. For example, a Soul Shield piece with Critical and Accuracy will not have their stats increased if you sacrificed a Soul Shield piece with Block and Evasion.

Fuse Sacrifice

You can also make use of Fuse Sacrifice. By either crafting a Shield Base or purchasing the Shield Base Bundle from the Marketplace (F5), you can then choose different bases for which attribute you wish to add. Exchanged through the Dragon Express, the Shield Base item can be exchanged for a Soul Shield Primer of the same tier. You can choose whichever attribute of the following 7 when buying a Soul Shield Primer:

  • Critical Soul Shield Primer

  • Accuracy Soul Shield Primer

  • Block Soul Shield Primer

  • Evasion Soul Shield Primer

  • Piercing Soul Shield Primer

  • Defense Soul Shield Primer

  • Reflex Soul Shield Primer

Different tiers of Shield Bases will yield different amount of stats. To increase a Shield Base's potential, exchange your Shield Base for a superior variant at one of the Elusive Merchants.