Soul Badge — Zen Archer

Season of Resurgence

Know your opponent's move before they make it.

Resurgence Soul Badge

  • Longshot triggers 5 stacks of Lux

  • Triggers Resurgence effect for 5 seconds when using Longshot

    • During Resurgence effect, increased Critical Damage by +2% (max 5 stacks)

Premonition Soul Badge

  • Windbolt decreases cooldown of Twin Storms by 0.5 seconds

  • Twin Storms increases Critical Damage by +20% for 10 seconds

Prowess Soul Badge

Season of Liberty

Liberty or death? How about I take liberty and you take the other one.

Liberty Soul Badge

  • Solarize generates 30 stacks of Lux

  • Triggers Liberty effect for 10 seconds when using Solarize

    • During Liberty effect, increased Boss AP by +125

    • During Liberty effect, increased Mystic by +75

Songbird Soul Badge

  • Storm Bolt - Stage 1 grants +10% Critical Damage for 14 seconds

  • Storm Bolt - Stage 2 grants +15% Critical Damage for 14 seconds

  • Storm Bolt - Stage 2 grants +150 Boss AP for 14 seconds

Enforcer Soul Badge

Season of Glory

Go for the glory.

Glory Soul Badge

  • Reverberation hitting 5 or more times on a single use generates 20 stacks of Lux

  • Grants +100 Boss AP for 6 seconds

Sagewood Soul Badge

  • Piercing Rain grans +150 Boss AP for 10 seconds

  • Piercing Rain decreases cooldown of Storm Bolt by 5 seconds

Vantage Soul Badge

Season of Courage

Those who face their fears will find the strength to overcome them.

Courage Soul Badge

  • Radiant Volley deals additional 200% Attack Power when the target is Marked

Alluvion Soul Badge

  • Triggers Alluvion effect for 6 seconds when using Flip Shot

    • During Alluvion effect, Windbolt deals additional 70% Attack Power

Absolution Soul Badge

Season of Tribute

To become a master is to learn your limitations and strive to push beyond them.

Tribute Soul Badge

  • Successful Resist with Aurora grants 5% HP Recovery (up to 5 times)

Devotion Soul Badge

  • Triggers Stealth for 8 seconds when using Smokescreen

Alluring Soul Badge

Season of Triumph

The flame of truth is infinite, never ceasing to burn.

Holy Fire Soul Badge

  • Longshot decreases cooldown of Radiant Volley by 5 seconds

Magnum Soul Badge

  • Windbolt decreases cooldown of Rapid Fire by 0.5 seconds

Accolade Soul Badge

Season of Fury

Repetition often reveals a new truth.

Primal Force Soul Badge

  • Triggers Primal Force effect for 1 second when using Bolt Dash

    • During Primal Force effect, Longshot deals additional 300% Attack Power

Blue Moon Soul Badge

  • Windbolt decreases cooldown of Dead Eye by an additional 0.1 seconds

Heritage Soul Badge

Celestial Basin

Eternity only shares a fraction of its secrets.

Eternity Soul Badge

  • Detonate deals increased Explosion Damage by +10%

Transcendence Soul Badge

  • Dead Eye decreases cooldown of Piercing Rain by 1 second

Archaic Soul Badge