Accessories include the equipment slots found in the upper section of the inventory. There are currently 12 different item slots, with some being focused on the offensive side of combat while other focus on the defensive one. An in-game Equipment Guide can be found in the main menu (ESC).

  • The weapon is displayed to the left. Once a weapon has been equipped, up to x8 Gem slots will be displayed underneath.

  • The three rows in the middle consist of accessories that provide attributes and effects. The slots can be filled with a Ring, Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, Gloves, Mystic Badge, Soul Badge, Soul, Heart, Pet Aura, and Talisman. To find details on some of the items, visit BnS YAST.

  • The Appearance tab to the right will show your Appearance Inventory, where you can equip an outfit, an adornment, a head adornment, and a face adornment. Cosmetic items do not provide any attributes, however, an outfit is required for the Soul Shield to have an effect.