Unity, an account-wide Rank system opened by pressing CTRL+H, will increase all of your character's attributes. After starting at Rank 1, each Rank will earn you special benefits such as HP, Defense, and Critical Rate. You can increase your Rank up to Rank 180. To increase your Rank, you must gain Reputation. There are three main ways to gain it:

  • Completing certain Quests

  • Completing Daily Challenge

  • Completing Weekly Challenge

  • Consuming Reputation Charms

Splendor Stones

You can also equip two different kinds of Splendor Stones, one called Ascension Stone and one Radiance Stone, to gain special Set Effects and skill enhancements. However, unlike the Reputation system, Splendor Stones are not account-wide. These Splendor Stones also attribute to the character's set effects to further increase your stats.

There are three different kinds of Splendor Stones:


  • Increases Attack Power


  • Increases Critical Damage


  • Increases Mystic

List of Splendor Stone Tiers

  • The first and lowest tier is Superior, marked by the blue icon background and blue text.

  • The second tier is Heroic, marked by the purple icon background and purple text.

  • The third tier is Transcendent, marked by the yellow icon background and yellow text.

  • The fourth tier is Legendary, marked by the orange icon background and orange text.

  • The fifth tier is Mythical, marked by the red icon background and red text.

Ascension Stone & Radiance Stone

Only three slots are available for the Ascension Stone, one for each kind of Splendor Stone 'colour'. Meanwhile, the Radiance Stone has a total of 21 slots, 7 for each Splendor Stone kind. The catch is that the Radiance Stone slots are only opened at certain Unity Ranks.

Stellar Stone Rank Requirements

  • Slot 1 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 2 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 3 β€” Rank 5

  • Slot 4 β€” Rank 20

  • Slot 5 β€” Rank 40

  • Slot 6 β€” Rank 70

  • Slot 7 β€” Rank 100

  • Slot 8 β€” Rank 130

  • Slot 9 β€” Rank 160

  • Slot 10 β€” Rank 190

Earthen Stone Rank Requirements

  • Slot 1 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 2 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 3 β€” Rank 10

  • Slot 4 β€” Rank 25

  • Slot 5 β€” Rank 50

  • Slot 6 β€” Rank 80

  • Slot 7 β€” Rank 110

  • Slot 8 β€” Rank 140

  • Slot 9 β€” Rank 170

  • Slot 10 β€” Rank 200

Life Stone Rank Requirements

  • Slot 1 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 2 β€” Rank 1

  • Slot 3 β€” Rank 15

  • Slot 4 β€” Rank 30

  • Slot 5 β€” Rank 60

  • Slot 6 β€” Rank 90

  • Slot 7 β€” Rank 120

  • Slot 8 β€” Rank 150

  • Slot 9 β€” Rank 180

  • Slot 10 β€” Rank 210

Splendor Stone Chests

Due to the many different types of Splendor Stones, there are also many different chests to open to receive your Splendor Stone of choice. It can be fairly difficult to make sense of them all, so hopefully, this will shed light on how it all works.

  1. Challenger's Splendor Stone Chest can be obtained from completing Daily Challenge & Weekly Challenge. It lets you select between Ascension or Radiance.

  2. Challenger's Ascension Stone Chest can either be opened to Brilliant or Sparkling tier, based on chance.

  3. Brilliant or Sparkling lets you select if you want the Stellar, Earthen, or Life stone.

The Brilliant Ascension Stone Chest will then give Brilliant/Sparkling Ascension Stone, while the Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest will give Sparkling/Transcendent Ascension Stone.

Splendor Stone Refinement

There's another way to get better Splendor Stones without relying on chest opening, more specifically: Splendor Stone Refinement.

Alongside a small money cost, Splendor Stone Refinement will consume the selected Splendor Stones for a chance to obtain a higher grade Radiance Stoneβ€”not Ascension Stone. Depending on how many Splendor Stones you select for refinement, the higher chance you'll have to receive a higher grade Radiance Stone. Due to an unfortunate localization error, it's currently not possible to see the success percentage in the game UI. You can only see a rough estimate based on the following rates:

  • Very Low > Low > Slightly Low > Average > Slightly High > High > Very High

While it's possible to select only two Splendor Stones into the refinement feature, it's not recommended. The maximum number of Splendor Stones that can be registered is 8.


Thanks to the contributors in the Alice Kr Stuff Discord Server (see Useful Links for more info), several detailed sheets are available with tons of data surrounding the Unity system.

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