Mythical Enhancement

Upgrade your equipment to the Mythical stage using the Mythical Enchancement system.

Gathering Materials

First, you need to acquire Fusion Stones and Premium Transformation Stones.

  • Fusion Stone can be obtained by participating in Dungeon Challenge and Battleground, completing Daily Challenge & Weekly Challenge, and participating in certain events.

  • Premium Transformation Stone can be obtained by transmuting Transformation Stones and other valuable materials.

Once you have your needed items, open your Transmute window and find the Enchantment Stone item. Once transmuted, open your Manage Equipment tab to get upgrading!

Before you start upgrading, please remember that Mythical weapons can only be resealed at grade 10, 15, and 20.

Success Rates

Upgrading to Mythical stages can be a long and frustrating process, as the success rate is low. When upgrading a Mythical item, the stage can also degrade. You'll find the success rates in the table. If you wish to test upgrading to Mythical stages, please head to BnS Ancient Simulator.