There are various other systems to increase your character's damage abilities outside of Equipment.

Hongmoon Points

Gain experience to increase your Hongmoon Level. Each Hongmoon Level will unlock additional Hongmoon Points for you to increase stats freely! To access this feature, press P.

Skill Enhancement

Complete Achievements to unlock Skill Enhancement Points, increasing the base damage of your main skills.

Bonus Attributes

Bonus Attribute serves to grant additional stat increases from completing Achievements.


The legendary accessory augment system allows you to tackle specific Hard Mode dungeons for a chance at Psyche items, which will allow you to further increase your legendary accessory power. Each dungeon has its own unique Psyche related to the augment system, in addition to the Battlefield Traders having their own PvP-focused versions.


Unity, an account-wide Rank system opened by pressing CTRL+H, will increase all of your character's attributes. After starting at Rank 1, each Rank will earn you special benefits such as HP, Defense, and Critical Rate. You can increase your Rank up to Rank 180. To increase your Rank, you must gain Reputation.


Equipping an Amulet onto your weapon can grant you additional stats and Skill Enhancement Points.

Mythical Enchancement

Upgrade your equipment to the Mythical stage using the Mythical Enchancement system.


The Compound system, accessible by pressing SHIFT + P, is a new enhancement system designed to help boost your character’s base stats by adding unused accessories and fusing them with Runes.