Thornwind Cavern

You've come to send me to the Divine Realm? You can try.

  • Alternative title: Dark Wind Cave /검은바람동굴

The fallen Eight Masters was an elite force of martial artists who came together to protect the Earthen Realm from demonic forces and find the missing Four Guardians. They all came from different factions and clans, but managed to put their difference aside for their common goal.

One of these martial artists was Madun the Mistwalker, a Lyn from Brightstone Village and the first to overcome the Mark of the Black Rose. Madun started off as a Summoner, and being one of the greatest clairvoyants of the Earthen Realm, the Divine Realm blessed him with an exceptional Familiar on par with a Sacred Beast: Uzume. Known as a patron guardian of the Realm's Familiars, Uzume's presence is said to calm the spirits of all beasts, be they great or small. Following Madun's passing, Uzume was inconsolable and refused to leave Madun's side to return to her home in the Divine Realm.

Uzume now resides in the Thornwind Cavern and the Dark Lord's Inner Conclave has found her. They stormed the cave, started fires, and shrouded the vale in a choking cloud of Dark Chi. With Uzume in a blinding rage and a burning hatred focused on you who she blames for Madun's demise, the responsibility falls on you to pacify the formidable Familiar and honor Master Madun's legacy.


Boss Encounters

Guardian Spirit Voltari

  • Health Points 2,747,000,000 / 7,230,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 01:40

Your first encounter is the Guardian Spirit, Voltari, who poisons challengers with Dark Chi and triggers explosions with Windcaps.

Thornwind Guardian Uzume

  • Health Points: 10,792,000,000 / 28,400,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 11:00

Uzume is Master Madun’s beloved Familiar who went into a blinding rage focused on the Hongmoon Hero after an attack from the Inner Conclave.


Common rewards


  • Shimmering Scale Fragment

  • Shimmering Scale

  • Thornwind Accessory Chest

  • Sealed Thornwind Accessory Chest

Easy Difficulty rewards


  • Uzume’s Psyche

  • Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

Hard Difficulty rewards


  • Beast Master

  • Beast Master Mask

  • Beast Master Adornment


  • Uzume’s Psyche

  • Grand Uzume’s Psyche

  • Ethereal Vial

  • Pet Pack

  • Sacred Vial

  • Sealed Shimmering Scale

  • Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll

  • Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest

  • Divine Splendor Psyche Chest

  • Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest


Thornwind Cavern

Beast of the Burden

A Thornwind in the Side

  • Money: 17,5g

  • XP: 23,900

  • Reputation: 12,300

Howl of the Hound

  • Money: 4,92g

  • XP: 68,000

  • Reputation: 17,000

Shock Therapy

  • Easy Mode

    • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x1 Shimmering Scale Fragment

  • Hard Mode

    • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest


Nature of the Beast

  • Defeat Uzume

Winds of Change

  • Defeat Uzume 10 times

Pet Project

  • Defeat Uzume 100 times

Gotta Beat ‘Em All

  • Defeat Uzume 300 times

Frequent Flyer

  • Defeat Uzume on on Hard Difficulty

A Thorn in the Paw

  • Defeat Uzume on on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Shock Therapist


  • Defeat Uzume on Hard Difficulty within 7 min. 20 sec.

  • Title: Petsetter