Stonescale Passage


  • Alternative titles: Temple of Afterlife / Medusa / SP / 삼도천 명도귀교

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

When a mortal dies, their soul transitions from the Earthen Realm to the Spirit Realm by walking the Stonescale Passage. The dead are protected by the Keepers, but the Keepers now face an evil they cannot face alone. Instead, the Keepers seek a particular warrior, one who previously crossed the veil to the In-Between, and whose Chi carries the strength to drive back fiendish hordes.

Recently, the two spirits by the name of Amasa and Amayun escaped from their ancient prisons. They quickly ambushed the Keepers as they helped the deceased travel to the Beyond, forcing the dead to walk another path. To grow in strength, Amasa and Amayun absorb the lone souls of the deceased, and so, with no other choice, the Keepers turn to you to bring safety to the beyond. The order that keeps the mortal and Spirit Realm separate are depending on you.


Boss Encounters

Eidolon of Earth, Eidolon of Air

  • Health Points (Eidolon of Earth): 136,500,000 / 565,500,000 / x

  • Health Points (Eidolon of Air): 114,800,000 / 475,600,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x1

  • Enrage Timer:

Although the Stonscale Guardians are separated, the two resonate their power to charge a Divergence Orb together.

Eidolon of Earth summons Dark Vortexes and Eidolon of Air creates Lightning Orbs that follow a designated target. The vortex and orb will each count as a stack of Divergence. Too many stacks will put you at risk of instant death. Once the Eidolons have switched positions at the 60% HP threshold, bait the Lightning Orbs into the Dark Vortexes to reduce the number of Divergence stacks.

Amasa, Amayun

  • Health Points (Amasa): 1,197,000,000 / 4,959,000,000 / x

  • Health Points (Amayun): 959,000,000 / 3,973,000,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 11:00

Normally responsible for reincarnating or executing the deceased, executor Amasa and Amayun now absorb the souls of the dead to grow in strength.

While the warrioress Amasa remains out in the open to battle a ranged opponent, Amayun bolsters his defenses, summons the Karmic Mirrors around the arena, and enters Spatial Isolation with a melee opponent. Let the melee target trick Amayun and have him bait Sword Schism beam-attacks onto the Karmic Mirrors to open a path between the real world and Spatial Isolation. As soon as Amasa focuses her attention on a target with her Snake Eyes, be quick to enter Spatial Isolation and remove Amayun's defense stacks. Before moving into the final phase, block the energy beams sent from Karmic Mirrors from reaching Amasa and Amayun.

Finally, the bosses will both unleash Stone Schism and Sword Schism attacks. With the paths through the Karmic Mirrors remaining open, bait the attacks through to turn Amayun into stone.


Easy Difficulty rewards

Normal Difficulty rewards

Hard Difficulty rewards


Stonescale Passage

  • XP: 3400

Sword and Scale

  • Money: 15g

  • XP: 30,400

  • Reputation: 10,110

Ancient Evils (Easy)

  • x1 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sovereign Core

  • x1 Naryu Coin

Ancient Evils (Normal)

  • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sanctum Core

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Idol Soul Shield Chest

  • x1 Earth Skystealer Crystal

Ancient Evils (Hard)

  • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x4 Scale Fragment Support Chest

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • x3 Earth Skystealer Crystal


Stone Cold

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun

Den of Snakes

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun 10 times

Road to Ruin

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun 100 times

Tilting the Scales

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun 200 times

Scaling Up

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun 1,000 times

Fallen Idols

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Snake Tamer

Snake Haste

  • Defeat Amasa and Amayun on Hard Difficulty within 7 min. 40 sec.

  • Title: Rolling Stone