Starstone Mines

  • Alternative titles: Hook Canyon / 갈고리 ν˜‘κ³‘

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

When the Yurido villagers started disappearing, a number of scouts were sent to look for any sign of them. One scout, Domangi, managed to sniff out one place in particular, a place with a vast mine made up of a twisting network of suspension bridges and tunnels. It's known as the Starstone Mines.

Littered with the bones of slaves and intruders alike, the Starstone Mines is a pit of suffering where the unwilling are forced to forge weapons for their masters. Werewolf-like beings called β€œVolkami” have been kidnapping innocent locals and forcing them into slave labor within the mines to dig up precious materials.

Boss Encounters


  • Health Points: ??? / ??? / ???

  • Condition Bars: ???

  • Enrage Timer: ???

While Gidosu is weak on its own, get ready for multiple headbutts from surrounding Iron Wolfs.


  • Health Points: 2,725,280,000 / ??? / ???

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 08:00

A Volkami Alpha and a triple threat: strong, cunning, and vicious. He and his hunting packs organized a trafficking ring to enslave "furless" humanoids to mine precious stones from within the mountains of Solak.


Easy Difficulty rewards

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Silversteel Soul Shield Treasure Chest

  • Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest

Normal Difficulty rewards

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Silversteel Soul Shield Treasure Chest

  • Brilliant Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest

Hard Difficulty rewards

  • White Wolf Hat

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Octagonal Obsidian

  • Octagonal Garnet

  • Searing Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest


Missing Persons Report

  • Money: 0,10g

  • XP: 3250

The Leader of the Pack

  • Money: 13.5g

  • XP: 37,500

  • Reputation: 18,750

Lost and Not Found

  • Money: 0,18g

  • XP: 17,500

  • Reputation: 200

Howling in the Deep

  • Shadowed Starcross Stone Pouch


Miner Victory

  • Defeat Volberus

Stellar Job

  • Defeat Volberus 10 times

All-Star Performance

  • Defeat Volberus 100 times

Sent That Wolf Packing

  • Defeat Volberus 300 times

Stone Cold Stunner

  • Defeat Volberus 1,000 times

Alpha Wolf

  • Defeat Volberus

  • Title: Cold Watcher

Before the Moon Rises

  • Defeat Volberus within 4 min.

  • Title: Moonlight Hunter