Skysong Isle

Taste the wrath you transfused into me!

In the unforgiving and lawless lands of the North, the Inheritors, feared rulers and savage warmongers, wielded their military might to reign terror upon the populace. In their most recent horrifying experiments, they subjected innocent villagers to a sinister substance known as Aurite. This refined powder was surreptitiously introduced into their food, transforming them into hapless, mindless slaves. It ensnared the villagers in a nightmarish addiction, forcing them to toil until their bodies crumbled under the weight of their torment.

Among those who resisted the Inheritors' tyranny was Daiyuna, a valiant member of the Troupe. However, her once formidable strength waned when she fell prey to a blade coated with a lethal toxin, leaving her vulnerable and defenseless. To her dismay, a fateful encounter with Seoga, the leader of the Inheritors, awaited her. Daiyuna was captured without a trace, eluding even the cunning Troupe, whose members feared the worst. They feared that Daiyuna might become the Inheritors' next test subject, a subject of their nightmarish experiments.

After the intense battle with Seoga, a single, cryptic clue remained: a curious trinket discovered amidst the aftermath. It emitted a faint yet palpable aura of chaotic energy, intricately adorned with knots and cords. Such charms were believed to beseech favor from the capricious seas, luring fish into nets and keeping tempests at bay for fishermen and sailors. In the treacherous waters of the foreboding Skysong Isle, where the winds howled and the island held a dark, haunting past, these trinkets gained even greater significance.

Now, Daiyuna awaits within the tempestuous confines of Skysong Isle, transformed into a formidable harpy. Possessing a commanding yet ferocious presence, Daiyuna harnesses the very essence of storms and gusts. Her cerulean wings unleash torrents of tempestuous fury with every powerful beat, as though nature itself obeys her vengeful will.



View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Northern Continent > Skysong Isle Waterfront

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters

Olive Harpy — "Zephyr"

Ride the updraft to avoid the Olive Harpy's devastating Wind Explosion.

Daiyuna — "Gale Hex"

Daiyuna, vice-chair of the Troupe and protector of the people, turned into a raging harpy. Navigate her gusts of wind as Daiyuna soars through the heavens.


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Stage 16


Skysong Isle

The Search for Daiyuna

The Search for Seoga

Isle of the Storm

The Winds of Wrath (Stage 1-7)

The Winds of Wrath (Stage 8-11)

The Winds of Wrath (Stage 12-15)

The Winds of Wrath (Stage 16-20)


Falling Winds

Skysong Isle Expert - Stage 1

Skysong Isle Expert - Stage 2

Skysong Isle Expert - Stage 3

Skysong Isle Master - Stage 1

Skysong Isle Master - Stage 2

Skysong Isle Master - Stage 3

Skysong Isle Conqueror - Stage 1

Skysong Isle Conqueror - Stage 2

Skysong Isle Conqueror - Stage 3

Skysong Isle Legend - Stage 1

Skysong Isle Legend - Stage 2

Skysong Isle Legend - Stage 3

I won't kill you. I'm just going to hurt you really, really bad.