Sandstorm Temple

Witness endless power and surrender to it.

  • Alternative title: Sand Temple / ST / 폭풍의 모래신전

The pillars of Ajanara are not the only relics that the Ajanara Brotherhood watches over. In the Zasteri Badlands lie the ruins of a temple, hidden away in quiet seclusion, with a powerful barrier around its grounds to contain an other-worldly evil. This impurity consumed some of their own, including Brother Rukesh, a monk with endless potential who transcended the limits by inviting in an abominable force of evil that brought a curse upon him and his followers. Rukesh now lives in Sandstorm Temple with his admirers while being kept secret by the Ajanara Brotherhood.

Brother Hyunmyung now fears the barrier's strength is faltering. A skilled Ajanara monk has been sent to the site to help restore the barrier, but can only seal it once the evil within has been subdued.

Difficulty Adjustments

March 13, 2019 Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

  • The Enrage Timer for the following bosses has been lowered: Rukesh.

September 12, 2018 Warden's Fury

  • Removed Instant Death mechanics from Rukesh encounter.

Boss Encounters

Cursed Gatekeeper Onubek

  • Health Points: 150,400,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 09:00

An ancient evil found in the sand wastes of Solak. Its ancient energy allows it to manipulate the sand around it and seemingly distort the very flow of time itself.

Cursed Monk Rukesh

  • Health Points: 197,440,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 09:00

Once a revered monastic teacher in search of transcendence, he was corrupted by the otherwordly darkness he unlocked. The sands of time have left him all but forgotten, but the anger within his darkened soul lingers on.



  • Aurora


  • Sandstorm Temple Bracelet Chest

  • Rukesh Earring

Soul Shield

  • Rukesh Soul Shield

  • Forgotten Hive Queen Soul Shield Chest


  • Rukesh Weapon

  • Rukesh's Psyche

  • Silver Scale

  • Hellion Core

  • Lucent Promises Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element


Eye of the Sandstorm

  • Money: 10s

  • XP: 3400

Bad Karma

  • Money: 5g

  • XP: 22,200

  • Reputation: 500

Unbreak the Barrier

  • Money: 0,45g

  • XP: 15,800

  • Reputation: 4500

The Curse of Rukesh

  • 2x Elite Hellion Core Chest

  • 2x Lucent Promises Treasure Chest

  • 4x Silver Scale Fragments


Ignoble Truth

  • Defeat Rukesh

Tenfold Wrath

  • Defeat Rukesh 10 times

Wheel of Torture

  • Defeat Rukesh 100 times

Calming the Storm

  • Defeat Rukesh 200 times

Karmic Justice

  • Defeat Rukesh 1,000 times

End of the Order

  • Defeat Rukesh

  • Title: Mindful

Instant Karma

  • Defeat Rukesh within 4 min. 30 sec.

  • Title: Puppetmaster