Starstone Mines

  • Alternative titles: Hook Canyon / 갈고리 ν˜‘κ³‘

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

When the Yurido villagers started disappearing, a number of scouts were sent to look for any sign of them. One scout, Domangi, managed to sniff out one place in particular, a place with a vast mine made up of a twisting network of suspension bridges and tunnels. It's known as the Starstone Mines.

Littered with the bones of slaves and intruders alike, the Starstone Mines is a pit of suffering where the unwilling are forced to forge weapons for their masters. Werewolf-like beings called β€œVolkami” have been kidnapping innocent locals and forcing them into slave labor within the mines to dig up precious materials.


Starstone Mines on the World Map, found in Zasteri Badlands of Solak.
View of the entrance leading to Starstone Mines.

Boss Encounters


  • Health Points: ??? / ??? / ???

  • Condition Bars: ???

  • Enrage Timer: ???

While Gidosu is weak on its own, get ready for multiple headbutts from surrounding Iron Wolfs.


  • Health Points: 2,725,280,000 / ??? / ???

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 8 min.

A Volkami Alpha and a triple threat: strong, cunning, and vicious. He and his hunting packs organized a trafficking ring to enslave "furless" humanoids to mine precious stones from within the mountains of Solak.


Easy Difficulty rewards

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Silversteel Soul Shield Treasure Chest

  • Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest

Normal Difficulty rewards

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Silversteel Soul Shield Treasure Chest

  • Brilliant Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest

Hard Difficulty rewards

  • White Wolf Hat

  • Skystealer Gloves

  • Octagonal Obsidian

  • Octagonal Garnet

  • Searing Shadowed Starcross Stone Chest


Missing Persons Report

  • Money: 10s

  • XP: 3250

The Leader of the Pack

  • Money: 13g 50s

  • XP: 37,500

  • Reputation: 18,750

Lost and Not Found

  • Money: 18s

  • XP: 17,500

  • Reputation: 200

Howling in the Deep

  • Shadowed Starcross Stone Pouch


Miner Victory

  • Defeat Volberus

Stellar Job

  • Defeat Volberus 10 times

All-Star Performance

  • Defeat Volberus 100 times

Sent That Wolf Packing

  • Defeat Volberus 300 times

Stone Cold Stunner

  • Defeat Volberus 1,000 times

Alpha Wolf

  • Defeat Volberus

  • Title: Cold Watcher

Before the Moon Rises

  • Defeat Volberus within 4 min.

  • Title: Moonlight Hunter