Naryu Sanctum

Those who come here seeking glory will die a glorious death.

  • Alternative titles: NS / λ‚˜λ₯˜μ„±μ§€

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Hard

Nestled deep in the Celestial Basin, Naryu Sanctum was long a destination for ancient pilgrims in search of spiritual enlightenment. That all changed when the Sanctum lost favor with a jealous demigod from the Divine Realm, a being known as Xanos the Everlasting. Xanos sent his championβ€”Agoni, a fearsome automatonβ€” to attack the Sanctum. The ensuing battle caused an earthquake of such intensity that the area was buried for centuries.

Now, the earth has shifted once more, and Naryu Sanctum is again accessible by foolhardy treasure-seekers and warriors alike. Venture inside to meet ancient automatons and Xanos himself that still haunts the innermost chambers of the sanctumβ€”the vengeful ruler of his own forgotten empire. Do not take the challenge lightly, as the reborn Xanos can conjure calamitous darks and blinding lights against whoever dares to threaten the lord of the Naryu Sanctum.


Boss Encounters

Granite Titan

  • Health Points: 4,956,000,000 / 11,800,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 7 min. 30 sec.

This ancient automaton has protected the Naryu Sanctum for a millennia.

Becoming fully immune to damage at certain HP intervals, the Granite Titan will summon minions, grab on to one randomly chosen minion, and throw it away. While the furthest player baits hammer attacks away, the rest must position the other minions up in a line starting from the thrown minion to the boss.

Later on, the thrown minion will be shot by lightning. By other minions being lined up to the boss, the lightning will be conducted and be sent back to the boss.

Additionally, it's important to note that once the lightning has been conducted, you won't be safe unless you were previously hit by Fiery Punch or Unleashed Fiery Punch, which will grant immunity to the phase-finishing AoE.

Naryu Dreadnought

  • Health Points: 987,000,000 / 2,350,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 7 min.

The Naryu Dreadnought will do anything to let the powerful Agoni remain in its blissful slumber.

Naryu Dreadnought summons the aid of its underlings to recover HP while unleashing lethal shockwaves. Jump through the shockwaves and defeat the boss as fast you can!

Sanctum Sentry Agoni

  • Health Points: 5,964,000,000 / 14,200,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 7 min.

Agoni, recently awoken from its slumber, is a beast with endurance like no other.

At certain HP intervals, Agoni will fire lightning toward the furthest target possible. If the target is close to the wall of the arena, the lightning will generate Lightning Rods that can be thrown to deal great damage to the boss. Once enough Lightning Rods have been thrown, block Agoni's rush and resist its mighty roar to avoid taking high damage. Players with many Lightning stacks will take especially much damage from the roar, so tread carefully!

The All-seeing Xanos

  • Health Points: 4,872,000,000 / 11,600,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 10 min.

A powerful and ancient automaton that lords over the Naryu Sanctum.

Focusing its eyes on three possible targets, the closest player, the furthest player, and the Threat holder, the party must then quickly decipher who of these three targets is the "true mark". Most groups eliminate one of the three possible targets by having the Threat holder also being the closest to the boss. Keep an eye on the statues around the arena to decipher the true mark and, once deciphered, the true mark must sacrifice itself to the Darkness once the other party members are safe within the Light. If successful, Xanos will initiate a powerful AoE. Perform a quick joint technique to stop it!


Common rewards


  • Deception


  • Greater Xanos Gloves


  • Nocturnal Scale Fragment

  • Locked Greater Xanos Weapon

  • Greater Naryu Sanctum Bracelet Chest

  • Sealed Greater Naryu Sanctum Bracelet Chest

Easy Difficulty rewards

Soul Shield

  • Sanctum Soul Shield Chest


  • Rare Element

  • Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

Hard Difficulty rewards


  • Dark Devotion


  • Greater Xanos' Psyche

  • Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element

  • Sealed Nocturnal Scale

  • Nocturnal Scale Fragment

  • Pet Pack

  • Sacred Vial

  • Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll

  • Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest

  • Divine Splendor Psyche Chest

  • Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • Ethereal Vial



  • Money: 29g 50s

  • XP: 3,570

Gatecrasher at the Naryu Sanctum

  • Money: 15g 50s

  • XP: 38,000

  • Reputation: 8950

All-seeing Lookout

  • Easy Mode

    • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x1 Sanctum Core Chest

    • x1 Nocturnal Scale Fragment

  • Hard Mode

    • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x2 Sanctum Core Chest

    • x3 Nocturnal Scale Fragment

    • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest


Xan Axe

  • Defeat Xanos


  • Defeat Xanos 10 times

Sanctum Crasher

  • Defeat Xanos 100 times

Sacrificed on the Altar

  • Defeat Xanos 300 times

Sanctum Sanctorum

  • Defeat Xanos 1000 times

Sanctify the Sanctum

  • Defeat Xanos on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: The Allseeking

Temple Runner

  • Defeat Xanos within 7 min. 30 sec.

  • Title: Sanctum Raider