Hangar 0

Target confirmed for removal.

  • Alternative titles: The 0th Hangar / H0 / 제0 격납고

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Hard

"Project Resurgence".

That was the name for a project where, as per the Emperor's order, a band of researchers was formed to reverse-engineer Naryu automatons for the ongoing Talus-Stratus war. The researchers were stationed in the secret Talus military facility "Hangar 0", and although they made great progress, the project was expensive, dangerous, and ultimately a failure. The Talus collectively decided to bury the project and seal the weapons inside to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Years later, the facility has found new life as the base of operations for a dangerous radical group called the Silversteelβ€”a mysterious group seeking to form a cohesive whole. With the remaining Silversteel members having infiltrated the classified weapon hangar and taken control of its assets, it's up to you to scare them out.


Boss Encounters

TT- 1215 Thronebreaker

  • Health Points: 101,360,000 / 362,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

A quick death awaits should the Nano Drill explode.

The two furthest player targets will receive one Nano Drill each spawned on their location. By positioning yourselves correctly, a third instant death Nano Drill will get blown up, saving the party and removing stacks of TT- 1215 Thronebreaker's defense.

Construction Automaton X-Cavator 500

  • Health Points: 1,372,000,000 / 4,900,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 9 min.

The X-Cavator 500, typically in charge of construction, is equally proficient in carrying out attacks using drills and chains. Its complex machinery is what allows it to break through mountains and warriors alike.

Spawning a destructive Gyro Drill that spins around the room, your party will need to quickly align the surrounding Control Panels by aiming Spiral Cannons on top of said panels. Once the Gyro Drill has been redirected, the tank will need to carefully aim Chain Whip attacks away from its companions while two select marks prepare a Chain to bounce the Gyro Drill back into the boss.

War Automaton Kolossos Prime

  • Health Points: 2,069,200,000 / 7,390,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 10 min. 40 sec.

Kolossos Prime is the result of the Talus’s most cutting edge technology. The result is an automaton believed to be the most advanced and dangerous war machine in the Earthen Realm.

With several defensive buffs protecting Kolossos Prime, the party will need to be quick on its feet to avoid the dropping Time Bombs and bait guided missiles toward Spider Mines. Use a stun or knockdown on the Spider Mines once they're hit by the missile to disengage them, causing them to malfunction and remove a stack of the Kolossos Prime's shield.

Later, Sensors will spawn around the room. Damage each sensor to 50% and use a stun or knockdown to make them explode. This has to be done while carefully navigating the Sensors' scanning.


Common rewards


  • Silversteel Gloves

  • Silversteel Ring


  • Elder Scale Fragment

  • Locked Prime Directive Weapon

  • Hangar 0 Accessories Chest - Stage 1

Easy Difficulty rewards

Soul Shield

  • Hangar 0 Accessories Chest - Stage 1


  • Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element

Hard Difficulty rewards


  • Prime Directive

  • Prime Directive Face Adornment

  • Prime Directive Adornment

  • Prime Directive Hair


  • Silversteel Psyche

  • Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element

  • Sealed Elder Scale

  • Elder Scale

  • Pet Pack

  • Sacred Vial

  • Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll

  • Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest

  • Divine Splendor Psyche Chest

  • Hard-won Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • Ethereal Vial


Zero Hour

  • XP: 3,400

Ground Zero

  • Money: 14g 81s

  • XP: 27,200

  • Reputation: 9,630

Prime Mover

  • Easy Mode

    • 2x Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • 1x Elite Sovereign Core Chest

    • 3x Elder Scale Fragment

  • Hard Mode

    • 2x Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • 2x Elite Sovereign Core Chest

    • 6x Elder Scale Fragment


Fell the Kolossos

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime

Past its Prime

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime 10 times

Control and Delete

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime 100 times

Hangar Management

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime 200 times

System Override

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime 1,000 times

Zero In

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Code Breaker

What the Steel Stole

  • Defeat Kolossos Prime on Hard Difficulty within 7 min. 40 sec.

  • Title: Hero of 0