Cathedra Cliffs

Death comes from above.

  • Alternative titles: Valley of Lightning / CC / λ²ˆκ°œλΆ€λ¦„ 골짜기

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

Long ago, the Avamar clan's home was demolished by the greed of humans as they attempted to find the next ruler with the Divine Mandate Ritual. Unable to live with what the humans had done, the Avamar has now stolen the legendary Elder Stone and reclaimed the Cathedra Cliffs by force, a place that the Khashabi tribe has guarded for generations. The brave kinsmen of the Khashabi who attempted to take back the Elder Stone have been captured and now sit imprisoned in darkened corners, wilting with no light.

With the Avamar's great lightning and their newly acclaimed Elder Stone, the Avamar clan is ready to pass judgment on the sins of the world. Find their warlord Ayanka and stop their plan of vengeance.


Boss Encounters

Steelfeather Champion Tanunga

  • Health Points: 242,400,000 / 929,200,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 01:30

Tanunga is the final guardian of the caverns that lead to the Skyshrine where the Avamar’s warlord has taken the Elder Stone.

Block the light beams spewed by Lightning Totems around the room to stop Tanunga from getting too many stacks. You will also need to dish out plenty of damage, as blocking the light beams for too long causes instant death.

Storm Speaker Ayanka

  • Health Points: 1,554,000,000 / 5,957,000,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 10:00

The Avamar's oppressive warlord, Ayanka, is a master in the arts of lightning.

Starting its mechanics by shooting Steel Feathers onto players, each player should stand in a carefully designated position to ensure it lands in an appropriate place. Once Ayanka unleases its Divine Wrath, a player can quickly collect the Divine Wrath into its body and move to a Steel Feather. By doing so, the Divine Wrath energy will move to the Steel Feather and the Steel Feather will be shot back to the boss. If Ayanka gets hit by more than two Steel Feathers within a short amount of time, the boss will enter a Berserk Rage.

Soon after, all remaining Steel Feathers will get pulled toward the furthest player by a link. Make sure to block the link and thus stop the Steel Feathers from reaching their target as to not place too many of them in the same location.

Later when Electric Spheres spawn, have two players each block one of the two total Electric Sphere to create a link between the players. With the link, send two remaining Steel Feathers to the boss and move to to a dropped spear on the map to overload Ayanka with lightning, thus ending the mechanics.


Easy Difficulty rewards

Normal Difficulty rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Stolen Stone

  • XP: 1700

Waiting in the Wings

  • Money: 14,12g

  • XP: 24,200

  • Reputation: 8300

The Avamar Incursion

  • Money: 1,02g

  • XP: 16,600

  • Reputation: 900

Ayanka's Swansong (Easy)

  • x1 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sovereign Core

  • x1 Naryu Coin

Ayanka's Swansong (Normal)

  • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sanctum Core

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Cathedra Soul Shield Chest

  • x1 Wind Skystealer Crystal

Ayanka's Swansong (Hard)

  • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x4 Scale Fragment Support Chest

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • x3 Wind Skystealer Crystal


Cage the Rage

  • Defeat Ayanka

Bird Brained

  • Defeat Ayanka

Not So Freebird

  • Defeat Ayanka 100 times

Birds and the Breeze

  • Defeat Ayanka 200 times

1,000 Birds with One Stone

  • Defeat Ayanka 1,000 times

Taking Wings

  • Defeat Ayanka on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Storm Stopper


  • Defeat Ayanka on Hard Difficulty within 4 min. 30 sec.

  • Title: Bird Tamer