Brood Chamber

Reborn at last... into this host.

  • Alternative titles: Divine Hatchery / BC / 천λͺ… λΆ€ν™”μž₯

  • Available Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard

Following the cataclysmic events at the Lightborn Altar, the mysterious Prince Subin, villainous Dowager Tayhu, and deceitful Ryu have all disappeared. The new Stratus Imperator, Ang Hondu, is in pursuit of any information related to their whereabouts.

After weeks of fruitless searching, Scout Piroko uncovered correspondence that suggests Prince Subin was brought to a secret stronghold located beneath the old central library in Dasari Square for some sort of β€œinfusion” process. While it’s a seemingly ordinary building handling the books of the Stratus Empire from the outside, inside the building lies an unimaginable secret orchestrated by the Ebondrake to continue their blind pursuit of power.


Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 β€” Legends Reborn

  • Nacha

    • Demon Blood Bind’s outer ring now does damage instead of causing instant death.

Boss Encounters

Broodward Archfiend Nacha

  • Health Points: 2,110,200,000 / 8,440,800,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 08:00

An archfiend charged with protecting the Brood Chamber. It defends the hatchery with unwavering zeal and offers the blood of any would be intruders as a meal to the growing Brood.

Brood Glutton

  • Health Points: 236,640,000 / 946,500,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 01:30

The Brood Glutton, a monstrosity guarding Vetarex, devours the energy of Brood Eggs.

Brood Prince Vetarex

  • Health Points: 2,133,600,000 / 8,534,400,000 / x

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 12:00

A demonic entity that has been fused with Prince Subin. Feeding off the life energy of its host, it grows in strength and influence in the depths of the Ebondrake’s secret Brood Chamber.


Easy Difficulty rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Brooding over the Prince

  • Money: 10s

  • XP: 3400

Brood Awakening

  • Money: 12,85g

  • XP: 16,800

  • Reputation: 9200

A Prince Possessed (Easy)

  • x1 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sovereign Core

  • x1 Naryu Coin

A Prince Possessed (Normal)

  • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x1 Sanctum Core

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Nature Skystealer Crystal

A Prince Possessed (Hard)

  • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • x4 Scale Fragment Support Chest

  • x1 Rare Element Pouch

  • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • x3 Nature Skystealer Crystal


Brood Intrusion

  • Defeat Vetarex


  • Defeat Vetarex 10 times

In the Brood

  • Defeat Vetarex 100 times

Chamber Plot

  • Defeat Vetarex 200 times

Brood, Crude, Completely Subdued

  • Defeat Vetarex 1,000 times

Deadipus Rex

  • Defeat Vetarex on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Broodmaster

The Fast and the Impure-eous

  • Defeat Vetarex on Hard Difficulty within 5 minutes

  • Title: Brood Racer

Breaking a Few Eggs

  • Defeat the Prime Drone in the Brood Chamber

Droning Out

  • Defeat the Prime Drone 10 times

Prime is Up

  • Defeat the Prime Drone 100 times

  • Title: Egg Beater