Ransacked Treasury

Finally, I awaken...

  • Alternative titles: Naryu Storage / Naryu Vault / RT / 나류 수장고

  • Available Difficulties: Easy

Just after Chol Mugo opened the Emperor's Tomb, a tomb believed to have been made by an ancient civilization that was put to an eternal slumber by the Kuranos Cube, the great walls of both the Nightfall Sanctuary and the Treasury shifted as light broke through the seams. A Valindrian Priestess heard it all—boots crunching on the ground, hoarse ramblings, and Chol Mugo ordering Dokgom of the Blackram Marauders to watch the pirates while he went into the sanctuary.

However, like the thieving pirate he was, Dokgom quickly snuck off into the treasury in pursuit of riches as soon as he knew no Marauders were watching. Unfortunately for Dokgom, the Treasury has been ransacked so many times that no gold or valuables are within the walls. The only thing to be found is Naksha Kura's most ancient weapon: Amara, the Emperor's greatest valuable. Believed to have a consciousness of its own, Amara is deemed too powerful for any mortal to wield.

Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

  • Vahad

    • (Normal Mode only) Boss’s projectiles no longer cause Knockback.

  • Amara

    • Overlapping Fissure from Amara’s Sword Scar does not cause enrage, and instead will do damage.

March 13, 2019 Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

  • The Enrage Timer for the following bosses has been lowered: Amara.

September 12, 2018 Warden's Fury

  • Updated Soul Separation mechanics during the Amara encounter.

  • Amara can still be defeated even if Dokgom's Spirit is not defeated in Soul Separation.

Boss Encounters

Treasury Automaton Guardian Vahad

  • Health Points: 89,760,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 07:20

A Guardian Automaton built to protect the treasury of the Grand Celestial Emperor. Its sole purpose is to dispose of any and all intruders by any means necessary.

Emperor's Sword Amara

  • Health Points: 260,236,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer:

The Grand Celestial Emperor possessed a sword that was rumored to have a consciousness of its own and believed to be too powerful for any mortal to wield. When it was discovered by the Blackram Marauder Dokgom, the ancient blade melded with the mind of the man and transformed him into its servant, a heartless warrior that would wield him.



  • Innovator

  • Innovator Eye Patch


  • Skysunder Elevation Chest

  • Amara Ring

Soul Shield

  • Amara Soul Shield

  • Forgotten Hive Queen Soul Shield Chest


  • Amara Weapon

  • Amara's Psyche

  • Imperial Mark

  • Silver Scale

  • Hellion Core

  • Lucent Promises Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element


The Ransacked Treasury

  • Money: 10s

  • XP: 3400

Live by the Sword

  • Money: 4.82g

  • XP: 36,000

  • Reputation: 5000

Sword and Specter

  • 2x Elite Hellion Core Chest

  • 2x Lucent Promises Treasure Chest

  • 4x Silver Scale Fragment


Dead and Dokgom

  • Defeat Amara

That's Amara

  • Defeat Amara 10 times

Sword and the Stones

  • Defeat Amara 100 times

Double Edged Sword

  • Defeat Amara 200 times

Buried Treasury

  • Defeat Amara 1,000 times

Sword Sacker

  • Defeat Amara

  • Title: Sword Breaker

Dokgom with the Wind

  • Defeat Amara within 4 min. 30 sec.

  • Title: Swiftblade