House of Idols

Wanna play hide and shriek?

  • Alternative title: Doll House / Puppet's Rest / 인형의 폐가

An abandoned mansion in Yurido Village by the name of the House of Idols is being investigated by the Yurido Adventurers' Club. Rumor has it that the mansion is full of spiked traps and tortured spirits. What the Adventurers' Club doesn't know is that the house has a long history... And none of it is good.

Long ago in lean times, a wealthy man by the name of Omocha would throw annual festivals for the children of Yurido Village. He was a ruthless entrepreneur that made his money through trading weapons, all until his wife and children passed away. Suddenly, he had all the money in the world, but no one to share it with.

Following the passing of his loved ones, Omocha was told that the spirits of those slain by his weapons was to haunt him until his death. After that, Omocha would never again leave his manor. To protect himself, he quickly turned his manor into a fortress. One of the mansion's builders said that the manor's walls hid labyrinths of deadly traps and that countless dolls guarded all the corners of his otherwise empty home, all to keep the spirits from finding him.

Recently, an unfamiliar face moved into the deserted manor, spreading the rumor that the manor was full of gold, toys, and fireworks. Investigate the rumors and put an end to the mystery of the manorjust be careful, the monsters inside aren't here to play nice.


Boss Encounters

Lexi's Puppet Needler

  • Health Points: 817,000,000 / 2,150,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 01:40

A particularly large puppet, sewn together by pieces of old fabrics. Needler hooks threads into its victims, keepig them stuck in one place, before activating traps around the arena.

Puppetmaster Hexi Lexi

  • Health Points: 4,902,000,000 / 12,900,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 10:00

Hexi Lexi, the puppetmaster of the manor, has been resurrected. She's anxious for you to meet her friends. Just be careful... she might also transform you into her very own puppet.


Common rewards


  • Locked Idol Weapon


  • Idol Ring


  • Nocturnal Scale Fragment

  • House of Idols Treasure Chest

  • Sealed House of Idols Treasure Chest

  • Rare Element

  • Sanctum Core Chest

Easy Difficulty rewards

Soul Shield

  • Idol Soul Shield Chest


  • Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

Hard Difficulty rewards


  • Idol Threat

  • Idol Threat Crown


  • Hexi Lexi's Psyche

  • Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • Sealed Nocturnal Scale

  • Pet Pack

  • Sacred Vial

  • Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll

  • Triple Threat Pet Gem Chest

  • Divine Splendor Psyche Chest

  • Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

  • Ethereal Vial


The House of Idols

  • Money: 0,28g

  • XP: 3,400

Cutting the Strings

  • Money: 2,71g

  • XP: 42,600

  • Reputation: 9,370

Threads of Fate

  • Easy Mode

    • x2 Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x1 Sanctum Core Chest

    • x1 Idol Soul Shield Chest

    • x1 Nocturnal Scale Fragment

  • Hard Mode

    • x2 Rare Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

    • x2 Sanctum Core Chest

    • x1 Extraordinary Hard Difficulty Dungeon Gold Chest

    • x3 Nocturnal Scale Fragment


Playtime is Over

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi

Toy Boxing

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi 10 times

Razing the Dummy

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi 100 times

All Dolled Up

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi 300 times

Putting the House in Order

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi 1,000 times

Bringing Down the House

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi on Hard Difficulty

  • Title: Idol Handler

World's Fastest Puppet Show

  • Defeat Hexi Lexi on Hard Difficulty within 6 min. 50 sec.

  • Title: Puppeteer

Cut Strings

  • Escape from Hexi Lexi's control on Hard Difficulty 50 times

  • Title: Real Jyansei