Heaven's Mandate

I will end your suffering!

  • Alternative titles: λΆ€μœ μ œλ‹¨

  • Available Difficulties: Easy

As the Divine Mandate Ceremony had neared its inevitable conclusion, so did the opening of the Dark Gate. To work, the ceremony had to coincide with an eclipse, an alignment of heavenly bodies signalling a temporary link between the Realms. The door also required a key, namely the Twilight's Edge, in order for the Heavens to anoint the next emperor. If successful, the grand walls of Zaiwei would shatter as fiends swooped upon civilians as the greatest warriors and the remaining Sacred Beasts of the Earth Realm fought side by side. In the final battle, Jinsoyun was bitterly defeated, and her path of vengeance was finally at an end.

Following the battle, Kosan and Bodul, following their father's footsteps to continue his research, created a portal to go back in time. One of their attempts appear to lead to the Heaven's Mandate on the day of the Divine Mandate Ceremony. Enter the portal and relive a dark memory of a battle that went down in history!


View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Silverfrost Mountains > Altar of Divine Will

Boss Encounters


  • Health Points: 5,070,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x1

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary

  • Health Points: 5,980,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x1

  • Enrage Timer: 7 min.



  • Hongmoon Duster


  • Naryu Silver

  • Frozen Feather

  • Silver Scale

  • Lesser Demon Spirit Stone

  • Mirage Crystal

  • Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest


Rose from the Past

  • Money: 9g 95s

  • XP: 17,500

  • Reputation: 6,900

In Blackest Night

  • x1 Lucent Promises Treasure Chest

  • x2 Frozen Feather

  • x2 Silver Scale

  • x2 Lesser Demon Spirit Stone


Heaven's Mandate

  • Defeat Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary

Honoring Master Hong

  • Defeat Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary 10 times

Leaving it All on the Altar

  • Defeat Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary 100 times

Delivering Divine Justice

  • Defeat Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary 1,000 times

Hongmoon Retribution

  • Defeat Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary by yourself

  • Title: Soul Avenger