Cold Storage

Winter is here.

  • Alternative titles: Ice Warehouse / μ–ΌμŒμ°½κ³ 

  • Available Difficulties: Easy

The cache of the Cold Storage is frozen, even in the heat of summer. A great Blackram officer can be found inside, corrupted and twisted by Dark Chi.


View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Silverfrost Mountains > Cardinal Gates

Boss Encounters

Winter Mane

  • Health Points: 2,060,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x1

  • Enrage Timer: 4 min.

Once a great man and an officer in the Blackram, Winter Mane is a menace to everyone. He's become a twisted version of his former self as his Chi was corrupted by a Black Pillar.

Kaari Lord

  • Health Points: 4,470,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x1

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

Kaari Lord is optional and can only be spawned after using an Ascension Orb.


Completion Rewards

  • Ice Sword (or your class equivalent)

  • Ice Ring

  • Naryu Silver

  • Frozen Feather

  • Silver Scale

  • Lesser Demon Spirit Stone

  • Hongmoon Heptagonal Gem Selection Chest

  • Dye Polish

  • Pattern Polish

  • Raincoat Design

  • Air Assassin Design

  • Desert Dancer Design

  • Dokkaebi Half Mask Design

  • Raincoat Headgear Design

  • Strategic Guerrilla Bandana Design

  • Elite Guard Headgear Design

  • Daybreak Top Design

  • Daybreak Bottom Design

NPC Rewards

  • Deluxe Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

  • Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest

  • Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest

  • Hongmoon Pauldron

  • Hongmeow Disciple

  • Starling

  • Ice Weapon Chest

  • Stylish Guerilla Design

  • Feral Fang Design

  • Sentry Hairpin Design

  • Frozen Lamentation Stone

  • Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gem Chest

  • Gilded Triangular Pet Gem Chest

  • Searing Grandmaster's Etching Stone


In the Dead of Winter

  • Money: 4g 95s

  • XP Points: 17,500

  • Reputation: 9,900

Winter Wrap-Up

  • x2 Frozen Feather

  • x2 Silver Scale Fragment

  • x2 Lesser Demon Spirit Stone

Lord it Over

  • x2 Frozen Feather

  • x2 Silver Scale Fragment

  • x1 Lucent Promises Treasure Chest


Cold Storage

  • Defeat Winter Mane

Chill Out

  • Defeat Winter Name 10 times

The Cold Shoulder

  • Defeat Winter Mane 100 times

Snow Time Like the Present

  • Defeat Winter Mane 1,000 times

A Fishy Encounter

  • Summon and defeat the Kaari Lord

Beating the Bottomfeeder

  • Summon and defeat the Kaari Lord 10 times

Croaking the Catfish

  • Summon and defeat the Kaari Lord 100 times