Abyssal Throne

The Divines cannot see this deep.

Having intercepted clandestine correspondence from a suspect, Choi Jina's curiosity ignited like a spark in the dark. The words hinted at a secret passage leading to a throne of immeasurable power and significance, shrouded in mysteries. Yet, the elusive gateway remained hidden, defying the relentless pursuit of the Stratus, who had scoured every known portal in vain.

But Choi Jina was not one to be deterred. Her resourceful mind painted possibilities, and she suspected that the Ebondrake might be employing a different method to access their hidden domains. Portals, she knew, sometimes required specific incantations or tokens to activate them. She turned to an old ally, Minjae, a courageous defector who had made a daring escape from the clutches of the Ebondrake, albeit at the cost of his sight.

In their meeting, Minjae revealed that the insignias worn by the elite leaders of the Ebondrake served as keys to their gateways. These symbols unlocked access to realms where secrets of darkness lay dormant. The throne, Jina learned, was never meant for mortal rulers; it had a more sinister purpose - to herald the coming of the malevolent 'Dragon of Darkness,' an entity that the cult fervently believed would descend upon the realm and plunge it into an eternal night, an unyielding darkness that would consume all.

Driven by an unwavering conviction, the Ebondrake pursued the creation of an avatar capable of harnessing the ancient dragon's power through grotesque mutations. With the Dowager's demise, Batara, a cunning military commander, saw an opportunity to fill the leadership void and transform himself into an abomination. He drew inspiration from the nightmarish experiments of Doctor Gyojak, a man whose name alone sent shivers down spines.

The Stratus embarked on their journey to the ancient temple complex that bridged the Dark Realm and the Earthen Realm. It was there that the transformed Ebondrake Hierarch awaited, ready to become the accursed avatar of the sinister Dark Lord, a figure worthy of the cult's deepest reverence and darkest ambitions.



View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Dasari Palace > Blackmoon Sanctum > Abyssal Throne Entrance

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters

Heuksum — "Ebondrake Elite"

Be mindful of Heuksum's deadly attack, flooding the battlefield with corrupting energy. To survive, outmaneuver the boss by moving to the opposite end of the arena when marked with Brand. As the tainted tide approaches, embrace the knockback from the boss' attack, using it to your advantage by repositioning yourself and your party to avoid the lethal overflow.

Batara — "Ebondrake Hierarch"

Batara, a high-ranking member of the Dowager's council, infused with malevolent Demonic Energy. Batara possesses and mutates its enemies to inflict the might of the Black Dragon.


Stage 1

Stage 5

Stage 8

Stage 12

Stage 16


The Abyssal Throne

The Search for the Throne

A Vessel for the Dragon of Darkness

Deep Passage

Vessel Versus Vessel (Stage 1-7)

Vessel Versus Vessel (Stage 8-11)

Vessel Versus Vessel (Stage 12-15)

Vessel Versus Vessel (Stage 16-20)


Power in Hand

Abyssal Throne Expert - Stage 1

Abyssal Throne Expert - Stage 2

Abyssal Throne Expert - Stage 3

Abyssal Throne Master - Stage 1

Abyssal Throne Master - Stage 2

Abyssal Throne Master - Stage 3

Abyssal Throne Conqueror - Stage 1

Abyssal Throne Conqueror - Stage 2

Abyssal Throne Conqueror - Stage 3

Abyssal Throne Legend - Stage 1

Abyssal Throne Legend - Stage 2

Abyssal Throne Legend - Stage 3

A Quick Exit