Whirlwind Valley

Capture Braziers to continuously gain points. The more Braziers you have captured, the more points your team will receive. The first team to reach 1800 points wins the battle!

Entering the Whirlwind Valley

To enter any Battlegrounds map, start by pressing the F8 key and press the Battlegrounds icon. Once loaded in, you'll enter the Cross-Server Lobby, and the Battlegrounds mode will already have been selected along with the currently available Battlegrounds map: Whirlwind Valley, Beluga Lagoon, or Nova Core. Whirlwind Valley is currently available only on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays between 15:00 to 01:00 the next day.

Instance Structure

Whirlwind Valley has three paths, each leading to one of three Braziers: the North Brazier, the South Brazier, and the Central Brazier.

When a Brazier has not been captured, it'll be shown in a grey colour, while a captured Brazier will be in either blue or red depending on which team has captured it. You can also see when a Brazier is about to be captured in two ways: the Brazier will start emitting a green colour on top of it and the icon will start blinking on the map.

On top of gaining additional points (see further down for more details), successfully capturing a Brazier will temporarily boost your Attack Power and Movement Speed for 15 seconds, as well as granting invincibility for 5 seconds.

When 11 minutes remain in the match, the Underground Path will be opened. The path is a shortcut between the Brazier in the North and the South, allowing for nimble movement between the locations. A notification will show once the path has been opened.

Acquiring Points


  • x1 Brazier

  • x2 Brazier

  • x3 Brazier

  • Defeating an opponent


  • 1 point per second

  • 2 points per second

  • 5 points per second

  • 30 points