Nova Core

A mysterious and ancient complex was discovered deep in Solak, but its purpose was unknown. As researchers pondered over the purpose of this celestial temple, ancient texts were discovered revealing everything they needed. Nova Core was not only a marvel to behold, but it was also a game the ancient people enjoyed on a seemingly cosmic scale. Working tirelessly, the researchers have restored it to its former glory, and made it available for all … just try not to break anything.

Entering Nova Core

To enter any Battlegrounds map, start by pressing the F8 key and press the Battlegrounds icon. Once loaded in, you'll enter the Cross-Server Lobby, and the Battlegrounds mode will already have been selected along with the currently available Battlegrounds map: Whirlwind Valley, Beluga Lagoon, or Nova Core. Nova Core is currently available only on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 15:00 to 01:00 the next day.

Instance Structure

Nova Core is a large 6v6 battleground where you’ll work with your team to guide massive orbs of energy, known as Pulsars, towards your own “Gateway” to gain points. There are two main paths leading to each team’s goal from the center point, and throughout the battle Pulsars will spawn in the center and travel along a path towards either Gateway. The key to guiding the Pulsars to your Gateway lies at the three Switches along each path.

Upon reaching a Switch, either the Pulsar continues on its path or reverses to go the opposite direction. You can see the status of each Switch on the map. To change the way a Switch will direct a Pulsar, interact with the Switch by pressing F.

When 8 minutes remain in the match, the Sky Road will be opened. The path will act as a shortcut between the Switches, allowing for nimble movement to surprise the enemy or to quickly assist allies in need. A notification will show once the path has been opened.

Acquiring Points


  • x1 Pulsar

  • Continuous Pulsars

  • Defeating an opponent


  • 250 points

  • Additional 100 points

  • 10 points