Beluga Lagoon

Thrown by the Fish Network Guild, the tournament serves to commemorate the legendary White Whale whose horn is said to have the power to calm the seas and bring forth a bountiful fishing season. In this tournament, two teams of six players each honor the White Whale by placing Whale Horns on their Whale Statues.

Entering the Beluga Lagoon

To enter any Battlegrounds map, start by pressing the F8 key and press the Battlegrounds icon. Once loaded in, you'll enter the Cross-Server Lobby, and the Battlegrounds mode will already have been selected along with the currently available Battlegrounds map: Whirlwind Valley, Beluga Lagoon, or Nova Core. Beluga Lagoon is currently available only on Mondays and Thursdays between 15:00 to 01:00 the next day.

Instance Structure

When the match begins, two character of each team are able to use make use of two Dragon Pulses that will transport your character closer to the center of the arena, allowing for quick access to the Whale Horn.

Once you've reached the Whale Horn, in the midst of chaotic clashes from all sides, either team can collect the Whale Horn to bring it to one of their three Whale Statues seen on the map. It's important to note that you won't be able to use any of your skills while holding the Whale Horn, instead, you'll have three new options. Pressing [1] grants a Movement Increase, pressing [2] grants short-lived resistance to damage & effect, and [LMB] will perform a parry, countering opponents' attacks. If your character is defeated or if you are hit by a status effect, you may drop the horn, allowing for party members or opponents to grab it. Even when a Whale Statue has been activated, an opponent can still steal the Whale Horn from the statue.

The Whale Horn can not always be collected. When the match starts, it'll be spawned after 10 seconds, followed by a cooldown of 1 min. 50 sec, 2 min. 20 sec, 2 min. 50 sec, and 4 min. 30 sec. from when the Whale Horn has been collected.

The team to successfully activate three Whale Statues at once or the team to reach a score of 1800 will win the battle. If 15 minutes pass without either team winning, the match will be decided by the team with the most points.

When 8 minutes remain in the match, a gate leading to the central zone will be opened. A notification will show once the path has been opened.

Acquiring Points

Whale Statue

  • x1 Activated Whale Statue

  • x2 Activated Whale Statues

  • x3 Activated Whale Statues

  • Defeating an opponent


  • 2 points per second

  • 6 points per second

  • Immediate win

  • 30 points