Experience a 6v6 PvP mode in one of three Battleground maps. Contrary to Arena Matches, Battlegrounds focuses more on an objective-based PvP game mode and challenges each team to fight for and maintain control points. But enter at your own risk as—unlike the PvP Arena—this mode does not equalize player gear.

The first team to 1800 points, or the team with the most points when the timer runs out, wins. Your team can earn points by holding objectives and defeating enemy players. After a match you’ll earn Battle Points, which you can then use to purchase rewards from Battleground Traders that have a wide range of items for sale including upgrade materials, Soul Shields, and costumes.

Battleground Maps

Capture Braziers to continuously gain points. The more Braziers you have captured, the more points your team will receive.

Thrown by the Fish Network Guild, the tournament serves to commemorate the legendary White Whale whose horn is said to have the power to calm the seas and bring forth a bountiful fishing season. In this tournament, two teams of six players each honor the White Whale by placing Whale Horns on their Whale Statues.

A mysterious and ancient complex was discovered deep in Solak, but its purpose was unknown. As researchers pondered over the purpose of this celestial temple, ancient texts were discovered revealing everything they needed. Nova Core was not only a marvel to behold, but it was also a game the ancient people enjoyed on a seemingly cosmic scale. Working tirelessly, the researchers have restored it to its former glory, and made it available for all … just try not to break anything.



As with other Rankings, Battleground rewards are distributed in two ways: from Weekly Rewards on Wednesdays and from Season Rewards. Both of these rewards are based on your specific Class Ranking, rather than from all Classes. It's good to note that the Ranking rewards are separate for each of the three maps.

Battleground Trader

When completing a Duel Match, you'll be awarded with a certain amount of Battle Points, much based on your performance. Battle Points can in turn be exchanged for valuable goods at any of the many Battleground Traders that you can find in larger towns.