The Insignia system, accessible by pressing CTRL + K, allows you to equip Insignias of four different types to gain special effects.


To the left, you'll be presented with a complete list of all available Insignias. You can filter the list based to only see Insignias that you own or do not own. To the right, you'll see nine Red slots, nine Yellow slots, and nine Blue slots. Three Purple slots separate each of the types.

  • The Red Insignias are focused on Attack.

  • The Yellow Insignias are focused on Defense.

  • The Blue Insignias are focused on Support.

  • The Purple Insignias are focused on specialized functions.

Unlocking the Insignia spots come at a cost, typically requiring Gold and account bound materials. In addition, the slots have certain Hongmoon Level requirements. Similarly to the Martial Tome, you may add four Insignia pages to quickly switch between preferred play styles. Unlocking the pages also come at a cost.

Insignia Fusion

As per usual, Insignias are available in Superior, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythical grades. If you wish to receive better effects, you may fuse your Insignias.

With the Fuse alternative, three Insignias of the same type are required. Right-clicking an Insignia from your list will place them into the Insignia Fusion window and show you the fees associated with the fusion. There is a risk of failure when fusing.

With the Guild alternative, three Insignias of different types can be used. Once fused, the new item will be of a random type, but at a chance of a higher tier.

Insignia Effects & Acquisition