Hongmoon Points

Gain experience to increase your Hongmoon Level. Each Hongmoon Level will unlock additional Hongmoon Points for you to increase stats freely! To access this feature, press P.

Offense & Defense

Base Stats

The primary function of Hongmoon Points comes from allocating points into Offense and Defense. For Offense, each Hongmoon Point will directly give +1 Attack Power and +2 Mystic. For Defense, you'll instead receive +250 Health Points and +5 Defense. All of these are directly applied to your base stats.

Bonus Effects

At specific Hongmoon Point intervals, you'll also receive a Bonus Effect.

Available Buffs

Hongmoon Points can also be allocated into five different categories: Threat, Health Regen, Move Speed, HM Focus, and Debuff. This system consumes 5 Hongmoon Points for each Bonus Effect stage. The highest amount of Hongmoon Points that can be used in each category is 25.

Hongmoon Master Scroll

Available from Clan Crafting, Hard Difficulty Dungeons, and Hongmoon Store events, Hongmoon Master Scrolls can be consumed to gain an additional Hongmoon Point.