Tag Match

The Arena system will match you and two teammates up against three opponents of similar skill, based on their ranking, to provide the most even and fair competition possible.

Once your opponents has been chosen, your and your teammates characters will be transferred to the Dueling Grounds where you will enter a 60 second preparation period prior to starting the fight. In the preparation period, you’ll be able to change your Specialization, switch your Talents, and select your Skill Points to contend against your opponent as you see fit. Once you’ve selected and learned your skills and are ready for battle, go ahead and press Shift +F to begin the round before the preparation timer runs out.

Unlike Duel Matches, there is only one round for Tag Matches. Upon the match starting, one character from each team will be moved into the arena to fight. What separates the mode are the Tag Team and Interfere features. Using Tag Team (two available) will withdraw your character and have another one of your teammates continue the fight, while Interfere (three available) allows there to be two characters present in the arena for a brief time.

The match and the winners will be decided once the 10 minute timer has expired or when all three characters of either team has been defeated.


Zen Beans

When completing a Tag Match, you'll be awarded with a certain amount of Zen Beans, much based on your performance. Zen Beans can in turn be exchanged for valuable goods at any of the many Zen Bean Traders that you can find in larger towns. However, some of these items, like the Brilliant Arena Reward Chest and Sparkling Arena Reward Chest, requires you to have a high enough rank to be eligible to purchase them.


As with other Rankings, Tag Match rewards are distributed in two ways: from Weekly Rewards on Wednesdays and from Season Rewards. Both of these rewards are based on your specific Class Ranking, rather than from all Classes.